Sunday, February 1

What day is it ?

Ah well.. it happen again.

I need a new alarm clock, mostley cos this one now are broken :)\

I dont really care what time i go up or to bed, i control my own work and no big deal whenever i do it, but when it affects my private pokergaming i get annoyed. No, i actually get pisst.

I landed back on Malta late friday little bit tired after a week with tons of meetings in London, and London itself was HARD.. i mean so many shops to go shopping, not fair. You dont understand that guys but the chicks do

Ah well... of course not that tired so i can sleep, so sit down to play some poker, no good cash game running meaning no donks i know seated and i table select hard these days and try to be diciplined on that, so decide to watch some TV and play some MTT laying on sofa, honestley i play so so so so bad lol, but manage to get two finaltable of the 3 MTT's i had running so either everyone else had a really crap day on the office, or one need to change tactic, not sure, but i played so bad am glad i used one of the nicks i dont normaly use much.

Fair enough, but it took loooooooooooooooong and when they where finished i got stucked in a juicy cash game and before i knew it time was 06:00, thats no big deal, i heard more birds do their morning singing last 4 yers then just about anyone i know. I was normal before starting to work with poker and had normal hrs, now nothing is normal, or what is normal?
Who decide whats normal?
I actually wonder that often.
I think am normal.

I go to bed, and got no other things to do during saturday then to wake up in time to go to casino for a tournament and walk TT (Tess) a long walk before that ( TT is my dog, not my female partner or so, even though that could be quite fun)

Tourney starts 17, and i normaly ring out and say i am coming so no need to be there lots in advance, i actually ring them mostley because its hillarious how many differnt ways they spell my name on the screen and yet they havent managed to spell it either right or the same way not one of the times, thats amazing. :)\

I looked forward to play live, London was not much play, well of poker anyway.
And i also just have this craving need of taking the ' maltesiska tanterna' out one by one, its an enourmous satisfying feeling, trust me. And thx Norrland for that expression its just so right

And here is where it all goes wrong. I go to bed 06, and i normaly dont need more then few hrs sleep, but next time i look at the watch its .... yes sick.. its 03.04!! you following? I slept almost 24 hrs! WTF? Really!?

I get really confused so i phoned my mum and ask her what day it is and also if its 3 in afternoon or 3 at night. She is used getting odd questions from me so she very calm says its sunday morning 03 and add, please sweetie can you tag down with the drinking? Hmm.. well drinking had nothing whatsoever to do with this, so in all fairness i think that was unfair but then ok, i realise the situation might be little tipping over for her to say so, after all its 03 saturday night ( i just found out) and i just asked her what day it is so i just promise very sincere i will and say thx and pls go back to sleep. I love my mum, she rocks!

Soo.. just to go up and go night walking with TT and then back to sneak some money of the drunks around the table. But its not good, i mean it destroyed my whole plan and even now, because i havent gone to bed yet, and cant, its SUNDAY!
And am planing to do all bigger ones today, looked forward to it so so much, but hey hoe, it just mean that monday wil be erased, again, not sure mondays have been very active in my life last couple of years due to sunday mania, if not playing, its railing mates everywhere and skype running warm. Love sundays maybe not so strange am single after all, i mean, not many can take it:
Dinner with your parents today, its sunday????
Are you serious?

Have a good one!

And play well
- or not- am not sure anymore, apparantley one can go deep playing like shit!

/ anna panna

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