Wednesday, February 11

A rocket, a finaltable and a win :)

Well, it seems like staying of the beers are mission impossible! But hey hoe….sleeping are for sissy’s!

Yesterday a friend/collogue from Denmark arrived, staying only one night so it was no point to slow play right?

It was one of those nice warm days yesterday so when he arrived from airport around 15:00 it was not much to discuss, we ended up in the sunny balcony with some beers  feet’s up catching up on this and that, mostly poker, he is indeed a very good player with good results in the bag so always nice to talk.

He is also Danish, and they do know how to drink their beers, I actually didnt realize until this morning throwing bottles and cans away how hard we went on the beers those few hrs on the balcony, but no regrets, that’s not the way to live life!

The plan for the night is Dinner at a filthy expensive place with good food and good wine. That’s it.

Ah.. well that plan had so many faults after first beers so one can’t even count them.

He wants to see the casino, he and his girlfriend are moving here in few months so he want to be psychological prepared for the Maltese play……. Or something likes that anyway. And who am I to refuse a person to develop their senses! Can’t do that!
Soooo.. Change of plans,,, we decide quick dinner and play their 20 Euro rebuy at Dragonara, its buy in under what both me and him play but as they say in Denmark, we are there for the “ hygge” besides I gotta learn how to play proper even if it cost 1 Euro, this are one of my biggest weakness, that I can’t focus unless it hurts the valet.

BUT… first we say the magic words that mostly only spring out of an alcohol influenced brain.

Yea baby! We are hot , we are good, we are just simply The best! So said and done, we pick a site, new one, new nick, new money. Remember we are like under time pressure here so we said rocket=1 hr. Then we close regardless result and go and enjoy food and casino. And we decide to be loose cannonballs….. But of course we feel we are close to Phil Ivey level and say THIS is a rocket, not a fecking grind hr!

Win or lose!

It went…… ok … after 55 min he increased his role gooooooooood, but are little bored.. so we close all tables, save one and say next hand we are all in regardless, yeaaa, that’s really mature thinking right?

85 off, GREAT! But we play them like big hand, and raise, got re raised, and then we just stick the whole lot in and say GGWP NH to ourselves smash our hands in the air like winners, yeaaa I know, we are really good. Lol not.

Anyway, we got called with KJ sooooooooooted, flop and 8 but with two of his colors so little scary, but WTF we are Phil Ivey right? Pete minimize the table so we can’t see (he always does that in big hands, I hate it, and scream and try to steal the mouse, he says it helps, one win more then hahahah, jeeesus)

But our 8 hold up, we write the standard: KJ ??????? in the chat, and get the standard: I was ahead. Like we don’t know that??? We leave and go eat!

OK… food, yea it was good, that small little fancy place on the way to Dragonara, like inside the area between gate and casino… but they must think we where retarded, because it was probably not a place to go and rush it, and it was not very cheap either and we come in there say heeeeeeeey feed us, and do it quick, give us what ever medium cooked (lol he looked at us as we where lunatics’ ) and we told him, -yes we can pour our wine and water ourselves, we stress eat and before they even pour the last from the wine bottle we say can we pay please. Donkaments, I almost felt bad, but we tipped. Not sure I go back though, but food was great!

So tourney are almost full, so good I called Françoise from restaurant and say am coming with a guest, he is a nice brush, and quite effective I feel when Leo the wrinkle little man start to drawl deciding if he is calling or folding his J5 off and it takes 5 min.

Anyway to cut to the end, Pete bust when 17 left, we where 37 starting I think. Am just below average and really no patient to sit there, I call all ins to right and left and suddenly we are final table, but am still not very ok in chips. Not that it bothers me much, first price is 600 Euro so it’s only that one who counts really, but it’s a nice feeling making 3 final tables in a row out there. And yesterday it was a new dealer I never had, and 100% the best one, so so effective and good. And surprisingly really really good at poker because in the breaks of the finaltable we discuss hands, he asked me some key hands, first I get little surprised but we start to discuss and he defiantly know his game, am impressed by his input actually. His name was Allessandro in case any of you know him?

And BTW both him and Françoise are now hired for my 30 ppl only girls tourney as dealers, now am only lacking one more dealer and a male bartender to serve us drinks! Come on guys. Anyone?

Some play on this final table are shockingly bad and one can just hope they keep their day jobs. But I change gears and slow down a bit until we are close to the famous bubble as that seems to be the key issue for most of them. Then I play any decent hand very aggressive and coming in as short stack on finaltable am now ok in chips. There is a German guy, I played him before and he sometimes play a hand perfectly good and then other times do things I completely don’t understand, but I can’t discuss with him and get to know how he thinks because his English are so bad. Anyway, he is lose aggressive and been acting like he own the table when we are 6 left, I haven’t picked up any card but suddenly I look down on AA for the first time, actually only had one big pair all tourney and that was KK during rebuy period where I double against JJ, anyway I limp them UTG, hoping the German guy from cut off to do his normal standard raise.

He does. I rerasie, he say all in, I call, boom… am chipleader.
Then poker isn’t hard.

I ended HU against Leo (those of you going there know him) and outplayed him, sounds bigheaded and am sorry for that, but I did, completely, I think he is scared for me even though he says he looooove me and leave his wife for me, lolament.
I call him sweetie and say he got no balls in poker and I can’t have a man like that. He is like 100yrs old or so.

Last hand:
I have grinded him down to 40k I got 150k ish. Mostly on bluffs and re steals, he don’t seem to be able to adjust and value his card different HU, remember that if playing him.

Blinds are 3k/6k, am SB and pick up 45 sooted.
I limp in, I know he will check so I can see a cheap flop here.

Flop 10-10-4, he check I bet out mini bet, didn’t think he call more than that and I was sure I was ahead with my 4. I wasn’t actually. He calls.

Turn: Q and now I got two of my suits out there. Nice.

He checks, and I do too, and here it got big discussion afterwards people railing wanted to know what we both meant with that check. Well for me it was easy, after all I only got a 4, come one. And I felt if I bet out here even small, I risk an all in from him and I have to call that one, and then suddenly I take him up to 80 k. Not sure I would have odds to fold to an all in on turn, with small hit and flush draw, but I might fold due to not wanting him to get enough chips to play back at me.

So free card - am glad for it.

But I his case, in his situation I would have gone all in on turn, that be the right move, in my brain. He has the 10.

River K and in my suit. So I hit my flush. He checks, I bet out a value bet of 10k leaving him with no option really then to fold or go all in. He go all in, I call and that’s it. AND Jesus Madonna what a discussion.. lol.. he says sorry darling I got the 10. Oh.. sorry I say and show my flush. We sit in the little room, they moved us so the cash gamer can smoke, and there are maybe 10-15 ppl railing and all sort of languages, jada jada, and I just tell him NH and that it played itself, you can’t get away one need to give them complimetns so they keep it up, but I think he should played it different, since he needed to build stack and HU with big blinds are good chips even preflop.
But HU are a lot about daring to move, not being scared to come second.

Anyway, 3 livefinal tables in a row, in less than a week and 2 win and one bubble, that’s ok, in my book, even if the price money isn’t very big its fun.

Let’s try again!

Hep hep
/anna panna

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