Saturday, February 14

Things i wonder about

Yea i wonder about a lot of things, things that puzzles me, things that dont make sense, The taxi system in Malta for an example.

We all know Wembley’s is what to use, yea but their service mind is a bit odd I say.
We all also know that when it rains it’s impossible, at least very difficult to get a taxi.

-Evening, can I get a taxi to Manwel Demech 32?
-Yes ofc Madam, when will you need us?

-as soon as possible, thanks.
-no that’s not possible (huh… I don’t get that, how can that not be possible, I mean as soon as possible means as soon as possible, and if that’s 10 hrs then ok, up to me to say yes or no as a customer, but how can it not be possible?)

- ok, hmm sorry, I don’t understand, can you just please come as soon as possible?
-no madam you ring in 20 min.

-but why do I need to ring in 20 min? Can’t you take my order now and just ship a car when you can?
- no madam, I don’t work like that ( what? Lol)

-hmm ok, so if it was someone else answering the phone it might be possible?
-yes madam, that could be true.

-so if I phone in 20 min, is it possible you then say phone in 20 min again or can I for sure get a taxi then?
-yes madam that’s possible I say 20 min again, depends on how full my paper is.

- but that’s not fair, cant you use another paper cos it means others get taxi before me even though I contacted you before them, can’t you just pls be so sweet and take my name down and ship on as soon as you can, ok?
- no that’s in fact impossible, and this is just how it is Madam

Silence; i don’t know if it’s worth trying anymore and after a while of breathing competition I say:

-Ok, THANKS bye

One can’t argue or discuss with a Maltese I have learned that but this is ridiculous. I believe, they should hire someone to reorganize and structure up their system!!!! I volunteer to do it for free, am good in organizing, some would probably say am a true bitch and am not sure I can say against but still.
WHY does one have to call back in 20 min? DONT make sense.

I have now set up an account with them; see if that can give me better service. After all I use taxi a bit. And the white ones are just so crap, they don’t find their way, other evening I was picking up someone and then move on together, at Tigne Place, easy to find, it took him 25 min. BECAUSE he insisted to use his GPS, so silly, when I keep telling him where it is or where to go, I think he just got the GPS and wanted to use it, and then when we ended up somewhere else, he said it was the GPS telling him wrong, yea well, I don’t care, am telling you the right way!

I also am puzzled about the amount of gay people I met since moving here, I don’t mind, I absolutely don’t care but I never anywhere I been run into so many gays, how come?

Have I not seen them?
Or have they chosen not to be seen?
OR are are there I fact more gay people in Malta?
AND if so, why?

The climate? Are they just more fund of mold in their homes then others?

Am genuine puzzled by this actually, I mean I only have good experience with them, for an example my hairdresser is gay, most likely the most gay person in world history standing there with his hand on his hip looking at my hair, and I love him! He is great! He gives me wine, not coffee, for that only I could love him, he also tells me gayish relations problems, and that’s interesting suddenly makes my single life GREAT!

Take care!

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