Sunday, February 8

Congratz - your the tournament winnner

So after a day’s hard work last thursday stressing around with papers and stuff... I said -heeeey girl, you deserve some live poker it’s so easy to find reasons right?

I also reaaaaaaaaally where craving for ONE cold beer. ONE!

Ahh well let’s just say it never works out with one beer, and surly didn’t’ that evening either.. ...

I believe I got seated on the best table of the 3 (30 ppl)as far as I could see there where only one decent player, he was Swedish and played well but got unlucky each time he tried some moves.

I managed to almost double up pretty quick, against a Maltese older little man I played before too and actually the reason I called his all in on river was actually because I played him before ..... After the hand the Maltese started their ordinaries loud verbal discussion about the hand, I didn’t get a shit of it but hey hoe... I mean yeaaa I know I had 23 off but where I supposed to fold them on BB with no raise to me??? Bhaaa.... get real.

I think I played well actually up to this following hand... and I still don’t know why I called it was just stupid and I never would have if being sober but as the time went the little waiter where far busy bringing those beers to me

I was good in chips, if not CL close to, had taken out 6 people, I when getting stack choose to make some lose all in calls from small stacks and manage to build my stack. And then they break our table and moved me to one where I again must say only one good player and that was also a Swedish guy. He goes there all the time and have done for years but I dint know, so I didn’t know his game, if I knew I folded instant this hand but i didn’t know he was a very very tight players.

Am BB, and have him covered, effective stack is about 17 k so even if I lose I be half ok but not in steady shape. No action to him, He make a standard rasie from cut off position. They fold to me in BB so it’s just me and him.

I rerasie him, i got 77 , as his standard bet from cut off unraised to him, can be jjust about anything, it’s pure ABC play.
He goes all in. I need to call another 12 k or so and am in with 5k already.

bhaaa.. I go into the tank, I only been at table a few hands, but I get so much that he is a good player. I all along say to myself I got to fold, it’s the right thing to do. Just fold, move on, and take on next hand. But I dunno what happen, brain damage or so, but I blame the waiter bringing me beers so with 2 second left of the 'time; I hear myself saying I call.
Ehhhhh.. I got surprised myself hearing it!

He of course shows AA, and ALL table knew that, but me

I should have folded but I didn’t and now it’s just to get back to work. With 12 k and blinds getting heavier and heavier I can’t sit and wait, not like the American girl at the table that miraculous manage to double her 3 k every time she tries and then blind herself down and to do another double, she played so bad really, but that’s not my business, if she has fun- good for her!

Its 17 left in the tourney, we where 30 to start with and final table at 10 people.
Well I do a lot of all in poker with any semi good hand, also see some flop against same player, I know he is weak and I can get him of flop so I saw flops with the most silliest hands, hit nothing but neither did he, I felt, so when he C-bet flop, I rerasie he folds, several times, crap German players and I steal myself up to 25 k, and mange to keep it there. So quite quick we get to final table.

And to be honest, there is only 2 players i respect the slightest on the final table. It’s this Swedish guy and then a Maltese woman I played before, she is ok, mostly because she isn’t scared letting her chips go into action and she refuses to let people chuff her around. She takes a stand. She plays online too, on full tilt.
Her girlfreind was also in the tounrey , true, they are a couple. How sweet.

Well I see some reeeeeeeealy bad play and I wonder, does these people work with poker really, most of them did as they told me. Jesus. But I slowly grind my stack, take my stabs when I can and of course, drinks my beer, I really wish that waiter was not so quick really

Anyway, it went ok I turned into aggressive mode when we got to the bubble, 5 ppl got paid, and took some nice pots there, slow down up to when we were 3 and started to push a lot again.

I got in Heads up as underdog, turned it around and won the tourney.
It was against the AA Swedish guy so that was little funny.

I woke up 09 day after, fully dressed laying all over the bed by the door bell ringing, and who do I know here to visit me, bhaaa not many. Strange, but I go and answer and he says: Madaam (FFS, STOP that now, I don’t like being called madam)
=Madam, you order holes for your curtains so you cans sleep daytime.

Hehe, he said that actually, they prop wrote that on the note to him, as that’s how I order it and emphasized so they come quick.

Anyway, come on up and he does, and it’s just so typical right, second time even seeing a maltses man that are worth looking twice on am so so so hungover, just woke up, in same cloths as yesterday,same bloody make up and red eyes lol, I was like expecting and old man drilling these holes! FFS.

Same when the locksmith came 01 when I locked myself out, or NOOOOO the door locked myself out, I had keys all right but the door refused to cooperate with me, so then I had to pay a lot of money on the side to get a locksmith out middle of night, and I was JUST out to quick pee TT ( my dog) so I had pyjamas kind of, lol , sandals and it was raining and I was freezzzzzing the as of me. And I got so bloody tired of all this things happening so I even cried and begged him to come, as else I stand there to 08,and my flight to finland where due 07.30!! He heard my desperation and came, and he was like wooooooooooooow.. and very nice, he made me tea in my own home he said it looks like I had a bad evening.

Yea right!

If you got this far, ty and cheers!

Play well out there! Remember to do re steals, it’s very effective

Hepp hepp.


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