Tuesday, February 10

They say i get all the good gigs

Hola !
I just seen I got to be blog of the week, how in earth could that happen?

Ty ty, it’s a huge honor and I am not sure how to live up to that. But I try.

Does this BTW has something to do with the bottle of JD I send other day?
Great, glad it worked! Always nice when people understand the value and purpose of gifts, its shows intelligence :P

I been working a few year in this business so over the year I get some weird mails, I do save them in map called “weirdo’s” and there they lay nice and easy until the day am publishing my memories called: Behind the scenes in the Poker world :)\ or something boring, but listen, seriously some of these emails are just about so stupid you wouldn’t believe it, I think once a week I make one blog of morons email and chat, how about that?

So Tuesdays is a bit dull day, so let’s start today :)\ and we start off easy, with just some anger and smaller retards, not the worst, trust me I saved for years i can post many!

My job is defiantly not to sit and answer random support emails, but still now and then I pop into that email server and do, am fascinated on the amount of crap that comes in really, and I also know how frustrated it is as a player contacting a support and just get bullshit answers so when I replay those contacting me straight to my email, I really really try to help them and find solutions for them, I try HARD!.

This guy emailed me like 8 times, and I do my best to cheer him up and explain about variance, discussing hands ect ect, he send me about 20 Omaha hands lol, and I went through them all and gave my comments, finally he gave up, I especially like the way he refer to a random card generator as a ‘he’ that made me smile:

i dont know your generator and i really dont care about him...and also dont say me that on the other sites is the same cause i played on a lot of other sites and things that happening on your site i never see them!(i played on pokerstars, kspoker, everestpoker, 32red poker. pkr and i never face so many bad beats and stupid bad beats...) so i advice you to not lose more players check your software...

i gave you one chance 2 months ago...you fixed something and it was much more fair but you started again doing things that i cant stand them so i prefer to stop playing on your site!!


Then some time ago, the software had a big cut down and nothing we could do anything about, even though I tried to push it as much as I could and even rushed home from an live event cos my phone where totally going nuts so I needed my pc to find out what was wrong or at least replay everyone instantly so they get a proof of life:

I know you dont give shit, but as the servers has been running the last two days, I'm gone, damn you suck. Puta putana morons fucking retarded morons, start selling candy, thats not going to enoy poeple as much. Why you do this to me? Fucking retards, now i have to surf porn instead. And then i get computer viurus, and then who help me? Fuck off, you are a bunch of idiots forcing people to watch porn!


But then occasionally you get nice emails, like Barbara she emails me regularly and want me to hire her for some modeling job (we have used girls a lot prior esepcially on our Danish market, Danes like that :P Danes are by far the most ho***** people in the world, sorry for the outspoken thinghy, but that’s just plain fact )

Anyway, back to Barbara, take a look, www.barbarazatler.com/bz/html/gallery.php?gallery=Lingerie

I dunno, is she worth hiring? She says she wants to met up in Cph next week, I don’t know, I mean, maybe I can ask some of the boys to do it for me but then again, will they be objective?

I do remember how it was when we hired Bimla for Danish championship 2007 to walk around and give massage and serve our players.www.bimla.se

She was a nice little chick, not much of a brainer though but relaxed and funny in her own way, she got a little tipsy, ( read pissed drunk) bless her, and I took her to ladies room to sober up and there she just out of the blue pop the magic question if I want to touch her boops, they clearly are operated, a donkey can see that and since those opportunities don’t come along too often unless your male I suddenly feel pulled between doing the right thing or doing the ‘go with the flow” thing you know like holding JJ preflop to UTG raise, UTG+1 rerasie and a third one sticking in… its hard but one should do the right thing.

Ah well, let’s just say this was the topic of the week in our office,the boys say it’s not fair, I always get the good gigs.

I know- it’s not fair lads, but who am I to complain?

Now i need to chase my vaccum cleaner and make the guestroom bed, casa laa mariane catrine Loley getting a mate from Denmark here for some meetings, is everything really dead closed tonight, or can i have some tip of nice resturangs, St . Julians area, we dont wanna go all serious and go to those i always take my meetings, we wanna relax, eat ok, drinks some beers, yada yada....or we might just go to casino and do some roulette, lol, he is veeeeeeery good at that!

Me .. i just stick to 34-36, i mean, come on ONE day ONE time, ONE time! I win.

Playe well, lads and girls!


NB: next time i show you a chat, a player who didnt know how to get his ID and Utillity bill inside the computer :)\ i though he really joked, but he was dead serious. He had no clue

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