Monday, February 23

1...2...3... BOX!

Ahh.. its little crap that my laptop crashed on me arriving to cph, because it’s for sure been a lot to write about its also bad I can’t upload pictures or maybe that’s good! Hahaha

Anyway, Saturday was hysterical, early morning I took train over to Sweden to get me a new laptop I want one with Swedish keyboard, so I got one, but getting back they first cancel one train, then one more, aaaaa and FT started 14 and we had one of our sponsored players on it, and I had to be there giving intervjuvs before start FUCK!!

So… let the money role… ! Over the bridge in a taxi and first I hear when getting out outside the hotel/casino is a player telling me, Jonas busted.
My boss blame me :P saying I bring luck, yea well, I tried and it cost me 2000 Danish. NH GG WP.

Anyway I railed the FT quite a while, mostly because the Norwegian boy was adorable cute, lol no well he was indeed, and played like shit so it was hysterical to see the hands and his body language was unbelievable, I really think it’s amazing how he could go all trough the field and be nr 3??? His father was a very funny man, they are one of Norway’s richest families so as his son busted Michael on 9 th place, AGAIN sick shit indeed to bust two 9 th places in row, … he gave him a buy in to next EPT. That’s NH GG WP!

Saturday night it was time for Boxing!!!
We had 30 seats VIP ringside with bottles nicley lined up on the tables, yes you got to learn with Danish people its free bar, else it’s not good. I must say this was so so super great party. I know the live streaming of it was no good, but on spot, live, it was super!

After 30 min we where suddenly 60 people at our 30 VIP places, we had 3 big round table, hmmm.. well no one sits anyway, even though they did on the other tables but I cant tell people to leave!!!
We had fun! One doesn’t stop people having fun. Not me anyway :P
So I said to my boss we need more bozzze, he said: hear ya! And came back with 8 bottles of vodka, and 30 beers. After all we worked hard all week right?

I love Tiestoooooooo, its great great music! And haps…. Very loud with smoke, and light effect the countdown starts 8,8,7,7,6,6 ahhhhh you get it!

It was then our tables throw away the chairs and just party! So crazy good.
It was some funny boxing indeed, 2 seconds bang! hahahahah.. hillarious, he laydown and Tofte didnt even touch him! sicko lolaments. Johnny Jensen, DM winner did a good match! And so did the actor but dont remember his name :)\the box girls walking the signs where pretty and with big boops, so NH GG WP on Gus selecting them.

Afterwards when Theo showed Gus hes the great dane, it was a club open for all the VIP’s and their guests and Gus and Theo joined in too of course, Gus was very disappointed not winning but after a few drinks he smoothen up its very easy to make Danish people happy actually.

My girls Em , Li and I had a great evening going, except for the mental woman that I still wonder how the fuck she got in? She followed us all evening saying we where sons and daughters of the devil, ahhuuuu??? Sicko, and she attacked L scratching her face saying the blood will rinse us! Jesus what a horrible bitch. She also tried to take my top of lol, saying I can only met jesus naked, ahh well can he wait I asked her?

But she wasn’t in the mood of jokes, we got her thrown out and partied on. Jesus didn’t arrive or maybe he was there, but am sure he had fun, we all had!

Ended up in the hotel bar around 05 with some mates so lets just say packing my room after a week and getting myself out to the airport to get back to Malta was a BIG achevment, but I made it.

My bar bill for the week was on 23 000 danish. NH GGWP arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
I swore sitting on the plane back to Malta this is enough, am too old for this life :P and now I be better, no drinking, back to training, eating good.
I was very very determined.

30 min ago Em rang me:
E: Panna am so so bored
Me: hmmm I know where this going
E: :)\ YES!!!
Me: when, where?
E: ****'s @ 20:00
Me: arghhhhhhhhhh one day!! ONE fucking day!!
E: see you 20:00 for some Plingelingeling


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