Saturday, February 28

pls close bars at 04!

I was home 09 this morning (absolutely NOT my fault one can get drinks 24 hrs per day in Malta) and are about the become human now.

The poker was hard never got into the game, I played short stacked from hand 2 and that’s pretty much how it was all evening, double, lose , double lose, bhaaaa…. I mange to squeeze me into final table just to bubble the money, ahh well.. I would have needed minimum top 2 to break even with the drinks we consumed and my stack couldn’t handle that anyway so hep hep, back on the horse another day!

We sat on a black jack table to 04 having some sort of party going on with some German and Finish dudes, not sure really it was such a good decision but hey hoe life is to be lived! Afterwards we ended up in a pub/resturang kind of place to 09 in the morning drinking and playing high card, I believe I actually won something there, cos I have more money with me home then going out, but I can’t swear from where, its little blurry last hrs.

Now its midnight and i just shipped Em home in a taxi, we where both totally shattered and bought some kebab after she finished work and cuddled up watching a movie doing girls talk and strategic plans for the weekend, we had planned to rent a car and drive around but then its monthly final at Dragonara and we are hooking up with some other Swedish players and then out afterwards so we pushed it to next weekend instead.
I believe Tess liked it too, snoozing between us in sofa under pillows and duvets :)\ doing girls talk!

It was cosy!

Play well!


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