Friday, February 13

-cant win em all !

Ah well…. One cant win em all right!

Thursdays tourney at Dragonara, I busted just before FT and my girlfriend Em did well and manage to slide into the money :)\ whuiuuuuuu.. Em best best!

Well done. It was a really nice evening though, and NO we didn’t manage to stay away of the vodka in the redbulls. Am really crap keeping my promises to myself.

I picked up Em in a taxi, yes lazy, but it was pouring rain and I just set up company account, so need to try that, no not really but arghhhh.. come on, rain?

In taxi Em says she is pretty tired working like maniac all day, yea well we get us a few red bulls and that’s sorted I say, nooooo worries.
(I have lot of faith in this drink but am convinced now, it don’t help, it’s all in your mind)

She looks at me like a sweet dog pup with big brown eyes and say:
-hmmm is it going to be vodka in them?

(she’s from north of Sweden and her dialect here need to be heard to understand how absolute adorable it sounded)

I give up, never can resist a begging sweet someone, dog, human, male, female, ahh well am actually better resisting begging men for some reason as I find it very much “ turn off” with weak begging men, “my way is the fucking highway and u the whole lot can just fuck off” attitude is better, then and am all lost! If they also occasionally tell me to shut up and take some decisions of their own, Well then I could even be close to break the 4 yrs of no no. But i guess it takes a hooligan to get along for me to even consider that. Now I lost subject again. Sorry. Happens a lot.

Sooooooooooooooooooo.. Straight to bar to have a drink before tourney, I order for both of us, at least I thought so, silly me, should known better with this chick:
-two redbull vodka, thanks.
-yes Madam ( arghhhhhhhhh,, they gotta stop this seriously)

Em, says:
-and two for me.

I spin around and look at her and for second and for a little amount of time in world history I mistakenly thought she was joking, she was not. Lovely, started well this all right. Not.

Ah well… lets just say we had a good night, and manage to drive one of the male dealers so completely nervous and confused so he had to be swooped out, that was funny! It was a mistake putting the two of us on same table, as we clearly couldn’t help our self flirting with him when seeing he got so nervous -poor boy.

hep hep
/anna panna banana

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