Wednesday, February 18

Prefer dancing he said ....

Located with my lap and camera man just outside the ETP room, wireless is great :)\ i couldnt resist inviting Tony Richardsson for a little chat and the traditionally bad beat story, and I dedicate this blog to Mastereda, she seems to like Tony, well I think everyone does, he really are a nice person.

The poker need more personal profiles like Tony Richardsson to representing our sport, to be ambassadors, because that’s really what it is at this stage we all know that, it’s not really about the shoot on price pool, but its good commercial, well done Nordic Bet.

Also well done Stars for sponsoring Boris Becker, apparently big kahunas like that make demands, because else am confused, Stars can in no way sponsor his wife to play due to skills? Maybe looks, but skills no way.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t complain, she was on same table as a mate and she sponsored easy and throw her stack around – well done Stars.

Also of course well done Gus, he knows how to create attention, always arriving late and today placed on a awesome table, Gus, Anette, Kipster, Elky. He arrives 2 hrs late and limping in, wearing a hoody pulled up over his head, drawing all attention to him, lol, question all wonder was is he injured?
For the boxing on Saturday?

He is great. The great Dane. And when Annette ask him if he got beaten up online, that’s why he limps ? He ofc as a true dane says naeeee, injured myself watching porn online. Yea.. well I don’t blinc, I work with Danes!

Back to Tony!
Tony just busted when we talk so of course it was not the best timing but he gladly stopped by and chit chat a bit. To be honest am not sure I understand the hand, he isn’t very use to talk hands, but it don’t really matter, he said himself he played ok, done some rookie mistakes but of course also realized that it’s a huge strong field to be thrown into as first official tourney. His coach, the almighty never silent Peter “Nalle “ Hedlund slipped in some more bad beat stories from the online training they had yesterday.

Tony as the very stabil guy he seemed to be, calm added: but.… we also where very lucky in some hand where we not?
That’s down to earth allright hahhaah…

“Nalle” however ignore that, and I thought this was a very good opportunity to remind him about the really crap attempt to lap dace he gave me on Helsinki casino bar some weeks ago, “Nalle” counter with informing everyone the only one he always meet in bars on all events are , me, am not sure I see that as a positive thing, but HEY.. best business made in he bar! So ok 1-1 this round.

Indeed am curious if this was more fun for Tony then the dancing challenge?

He said it was little wrong timing to answer that due to just busted, and I think for myself dancing must be better right? There you got to hold the girls in your arms and wear glittery cloths, haha I mean come on, how often can you do that as a man without being misunderstood?

Tony again very steady says: but.... what about this girls here, cant you hold them, or is that only if you win? One have to WIN, is that the whole thing? I seen girls here, he says very sure.

We mostley joke around and not much to write here :P and it ends with “Nalle “ doing what he reaaaaaaaaaaaly do well, -hey lets go have some drinks now!

BTW: noway “Nalle” you folded set on the flop level 2 yesterday when up against “Pokergirls” set of aces! When you’re ready to tell me the truth am ready to treat back in the bar :P

Over and out for now, I really intended to give you some more funny tales and gossip and insider news from Copenhagen but since my computer died on me and we all know best writing is done between 03-06 in the morning and then am left with my dying baby that slowly started to give up by letting me manage without M C and V, am left to some small here and there.

Play Well!

ps.. still got a few VIP ringside tickets for Saturday left for the big fight, if passing by cph, let me know.

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