Thursday, February 26

A nice badbeat .. IMO!

Today been a relaxing day, still detoxin and gathering strength from EPT Copenhagen.

Was out yesterday for some Tapas with Em and I don’t know but the wine made me so sleepy so it was an early night after the footie was finish!

Today I been to my darling hairdresser, there is no one in this world who are gayer then him and I love him, he is adorable and spoil me, giving me wine instead of coffee, great I need to go there every 3 th week, as am naturally blond but don’t want to be blond. Just bloody expensive but hey hoe, let it roll, my funeral is already paid so why save!

Done there I went to get some lunch on my favorite quick place nearby where I live, always order the same, salmon toast no tomatoes and today I had a glass of wine as well I mean after all sun was shining and one got to enjoy every minute of life!

Funny is, that place has same nickname as the person winning tonights Bad Beat jackpot on IPN network and that has always puzzled me, maybe it was an Maltese account who won over 100K euro losing with JJ against AA :P

See as I said before, one can’t win with JJ and one can’t win against JJ, just hate that hand, but I think if winning the bad beat jackpot for 102 K euro I change my mind. The one having AA got 51K Euro and all 7 others dealt into the hand got 7K each, that’s pretty good for folding IMO!

See it here: (i tried made it show here, am too hungover, lol, cant sort it)

|I got a bad beat with JJ against me once, so i kind of have a grudge agaisnt that hand, I travelled all the feckig way to Sidney, flopped quads holding 99 on a flop that said 99J, ENEMY had JJ and can of course not get a way, river dealt a J for better quads, well it was not particular funny, but I was chip leader so still left with chips (it was the APPT Grand final) so hand after I got AA, great now they think am tilting so i, “toss em I and hope for the best” I get a caller, he has JJ.

Did he get set, naeeee,, straight naeeee… he got a flush :)\

4 hands later I pick up JJ and “toss em in”, down to 8 BB nothing else to do…. Getting called by AA and bye bye panna anna!

I was not very happy for sure but they served good drinks in the bar so I manage to recover my balance and had a very good run on the cash table, didn’t leave table for 22 hrs, one can’t leave when the value is like throwing itself on you!
Sick bad players. Sick.

Tonight am going to Casino Dragonara to punish them for hitting against Mr Gugster, I promised i will and I always keep my promise.

Wish me luck!
And pls dear dealer gods don’t deal me JJ!

Hep hep

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