Friday, February 20

Sex Drugs And Rockn Roll

Today is one of those hard days.

Lately they seem to come more frequent then ever.

I blame Jack. He is worst friend you possible can have.

I was home 10 this morning.

We where a group of players and others that stumbled straight into the breakfast buffet at the hotel and I think I had breakfast but not sure, It was little blurry and a sudden tiredness attacked me for few minute and did indeed put my head down and rested a bit, japp, indeed did, not one of my proudest moments but I learned not to look back, life too short for that.

After a few hrs sleep, in my bed though not on the breakfast table, it was time to raise and shine and work again, its been ok, I got very understanding work mates, and my boss brought me todays first beer already 15:00.

So actually when I think about it, it has not been a very hard day. Its been pretty much a normal live poker event day :P

Denmark is an amazing country when it comes to drugs sex and rockn roll, to put it straight out.
But when it comes to gambling laws and taxes they are very conservative. As that is more dangerous for people then the fact that pubs are open 24 hrs per day and you can buy weed in every street corner and smoke it totally open. I don’t know, sometimes I just don’t see the logic.

We had open bar last night and I also lost a bet with a friend so I had to inrocude him to old mate Jacks all night, fair enough, but it for some reason made me drink more too, wich in all fairness thre where no need to but hey hoe.. positive thinking.

We ended on a club and when they closed we moved on to the famous Hong Kong, if EVER in Copenhagen I strongly recommend this place, or not, am splitt minded. It’s a small small place down in Nyhavn, and Nyhavn is like the naughty areas so be ready to rockn roll.

Its so small this place that its basically is: first group in and its your bar.
Its dark, strange, very old fashion and no order what so ever, the music consist of a old jukebox with the weirdest selection of music I ever seen and youd ont even press a button to see the song, no you pull a stick like a slot maschine kind of, yeaa am telling you this place are not for balla flashy people, but many famous Danish people likes Hong Kong so I guess that’s how they manage to keep their licene becaseu its surley not for sticking inside the rules!

It also has the most horrible lady behind the bar you possible can imagine, she is so so so rude, but still that’s the place to go. They never close unless she is in a really baaaaaaaad mode, then she can just close not even letting you finish your drinks.

That actually happen yesterday, we got tired of getting one drink at the time so we order in a bottle, I mean this is pretty much standard these days when you go out but on hong kong it really isn’t, she didn’t even understand, it took long time, and she got really angry. And she told us we stood in the way, we stood in the bar. In the way of what I asked? Noone behind coming in, it was just us 5 people there, I mean after all it was 09:30 a Friday morning.

Anyway she let us buy the bottle, and gave us some softdrinks to it, that she open, AND THEN she says, -am closing now and you can’t take the bottle with you.

WTF, why you sold it to us if you are closing?
But it’s not possible to discuss with this lady she is just pure horrible.

So now there is a bottle in Hong Kong with our name on it! Great!

Am writing this in the break, we are back on now and one of our sponsored players are still in, one more to go and we are finaltabling!! Whhheuuuuuu!

Go Tulkaz

Play well out there!

/panna banana

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