Sunday, February 15

Luux tomorrow brings out memories!


Bhaaa no Sunday tours today, ah well I got quite a few windows up but not playing, just keeping an eye on mates. Flying to Copenhagen tomorrow, so washing and packing in very last minute. Arghh.. always like that!

Will go straight from flight to SPA at Luux. Scandinavian Poker Award.
That be nice, several friends of mine are up for prices and lots of my Danish players are there to party, am sure it be great event. Luux itself is a pretty nice place; IF you’re not on “kryckor” then it’s horrible.

We ended up there after our company xmas party in December, and I surprised everyone by coming home even though I fraktured my foot in 3 differnt directions and couldn’t walk good at all, so no one believed I show up. I went so crazy sad sitting here knowing they have our xmas party without me, so day before, VERY last minute i booked the ticket but not telling anyone. I limped in at the restaurant just in time for main course, looks on their faces was something I won’t forget in a long time! I had told a few of my players, so they joined up too. :)\ best xmas party i ever been too, the Danes might be weridos, you know sexuall oversteamed but they know how to party!

I had painted very tall, big “snaps” glasses with Malta and Danish flag and also everyone’s names on, they were indeed very artistic!! NOT, looked like they made by a 4 yrs old but heeeeey, it’s the thought that counts.

The bar people in the restaurant had promised me to fill them up with shots of some sort and carry in to the boys, and my thought was, that hopefully it will make them think a bit how the glasses can have their names on and also say Malta and with Danish and Malta flag painted on them.

Ah.. lets just say I overestimated my boys skill for details, I was watching them from the bar, they take the glasses drank the shots, and continued talking and eating, not even looking at my hand painted glasses, FFS!

And as they already were quite deep on the road to sinners paradise so no point waiting and trying to give them more time to get the thingy with the glasses. When they saw me I believe the whole restaurant actually wanted us to leave AND the boys made me drink the 4 glasses of shots left, straight up, just as a penalty for chocking them, yea, and the bartender had pour pure vodka in them! What? Shots to me is not like pure vodka, its like some short of taste,,,, ahuuua.. Horrible!

My flight back to Malta was day after, 07.30 in morning, it was party all night else that would been mission impossible to be wake up to.

Anyway.. .. sorry.. I lost track …Afterwards we ended up at Luux, and its stairs stairs stairs everywhere between the different floors ect. So absolutely amazing I made it, I had tons of bruzzes on the most weird places and they still joke about that I had both “kryckor “ in one hand in the end, i mean am not very graceful even without kryckor :P , but hey hoe, I made it, I only lost my jacket and my handbag containing my passport, money, cards, phones, keys, yea just about everything.
Not that bad.

So The DJ at Luux said in the speakers…:
“we got a girl who needs to go on a plane in few hrs, we need to find this bag, a bottle up for graps, free choice!”

Then he played some stressing pump up music, lol. Quite funny seeing a whole place with dressed up chicks and lads starting to look on the floor, and yes bag where found, I had just throw it somewhere beside a sofa thinking I was in my own living room kind of. Thanks thanks…it cost me a bottle of champagne to the finder but in long run, that was well invested money!

My flight back to Malta was haaaaaaaaaaard. Very hard.
Sometimes I wonder why I put myself trough these totaly stupid uneccesary things?

Is this the shit they call Carpe Diem?

Play Well!


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