Sunday, March 1

A win i could been without!

Welll I don’t know what to say. Honestley.

I won, but it really was one win that I could be without.
Monthly final at dragonara, 100euro buy in, with one rebuy and one add on.
We had a great fun evening, a good mix with drinks and play. Final table down to Heads up was great too.

Then the problem started. Daniel the one in charge for the evening was leaving his shift, and someone I never seen handling a poker tournament stepped in, I mean I don’t care, we all know very well the rules so why worry.
We started heads upwith similar amount of chips then he won a few smaller flips and I was down to not even one BB, (BB 20 k)it happens its no big deal.
Thats how it is Heads up, lotto lotto. Especially as they cut the time and jumped one blinds level and had sick blinds in end, i been FT 6 times there last month but never it taken this long so i never seen how they do the blinds deeper, sick structure.

We end up all in pre regardless as I don’t have full blinds even anymore and cards are on the back……

When river out I don’t get why he come and shake my hand saying well done but I won, in mean he has a pair I got a straight??? But we had a lot to drink and I don’t want any problem so I turn to the dealer and the floor manager, saying I can’t shake this man’s hand unless you tell me I got no straight, cos I see a straight clearly here for me and a pair for him. Floor AND dealer says, yes you got a straight and push pot to me. The man I was heads up with already started to celebrate, after all it was the monthly final I guess, and they stop him saying sir you have not won. He get furious ask for camera on the board, and the room we get moved to all the time when final table is no camera. So they can’t restore the situation. But 4 witnesses and the floor and the dealer says the same, Anna got a straight that’s it.

The man is so so so so furious and I was called named I didn’t even thought existed, and I just keep quiet, mostly cost there are so many others fighting on my behalf and I don’t need to be the one sticking out, we all know he can’t win it this way, but yes of course it unbalanced me little. However I sober up pretty quickly and say lets finish this now so I can get home. Then the dealer make am miscalculation and don’t give me the whole pot, only what I put in and the blinds, not what he was supposed to put In after losing, but no camera, and even if she realize her mistake and try to correct it, then man are so so angry so it’s no point. He is basically throwing chips around him. I get 50 k less then I should have but I just say play play play, and floor that is totally inexperienced says ty and we play.

I play him hard, I stick in basically every hand and take the coin flip there for me to take and finally I win, then man is angry he don’t want to accept my win and again call me names I don’t think belong in the IRL poker game.

It was seriously really uncomfortable and I am not very often intimidated as I got pretty hard skin on my nose. Casinowaiter come and tell;s me all drink rest of evening is on the house but I somehow lost the interest I that, I won but it really was no fun winning when the man accuse me for cheating him on a straight when he had a pair. Doesn’t matter there where 4 witness and floor and dealer saying straight, all everyone will hear is the bloody pair, and I would never say anything, its not my thing, it’s the casinos to whom we pay rake who should sort these things.

It was highly uncomfortable, I doubt I take any discussion again after this, hardly even play there after this., I mean after all am a regular, and above that also put alot of my money in their bar. Im mightt stick to nitting and get my hrs sorted instead of this shit. It really made me uncomfortable him being allowed standing in th middle of the poker room shouthing these things and also calling me really bad names. Its casinos thing to sort not mine, i had a straight thats it he had a losy pair.

I think i rather busted as 3 th instead of winning, and thats not either how it should bee to be honest.



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