Monday, March 23

Just another saturday, one of them

A Saturdays adventure…..... one of em :)

I was invited to a birthday party bash some weekends ago, but skipped it, I just didn’t feel like dressing up in 50‘s dress and freezing my as of in short skirt. And that was the theme, and I think one should respect the theme so I said I meet them later on instead.

Or am I just a sick gambler who rather goes to the casino and play there Saturday tourney and use that as a warm up for party, yeaaaa most likely.

Anyway, I played the tourney (ofc lol ) and it was not so many people so it turned more or less out to be a 10 seats STT 50 euro buy in and rebuy and add on, and all made rebuys and add so price pool was ok for a warm up party before the evenings adventure

Had a very nice guy from Sicily on my left and I mange to both spill a drink and a coffee on him AND ask him to show me his testicles, well I TRIED to say show me some places where they filmed Don Coreleone (godfather) when I come to Sicily soon, (going a weekend with my Em)

-Arghhh how can I know that if you pronounce it slightly wrong it means testicals????

Well he took it fairly good and just said yes of course no problem I show you around.


Actually he played very well, for being an Italian, I took him out tough but that’s not more than fair, limping K5 off UTG in a STT is like mortal sin.

HOWEVER I didn’t manage to win i came second.

And my railing boy came to watch!!
Amazing. Have I told you about my railing boy ? no?

Ahh well… he comes on Saturdays and rail. And I found it odd; I mean HOW FUN is it to rail a poker tournament a Saturday, NOT. He is very shy. So last Saturday after seeing him there so many times and last Saturday both me and Em where more then tipsy, id say like more very (un)charming drunk. Soooo after he stood there for 6 hrs railing and it finally where final table I tried to talk to him.
Tried= me talking him saying yes no.

Veeeery shy. But hey hoe, I tried.

And he left.

Lol and I thought about it aaaaaaaaall week, naee maybe not but I did think about one or two times that I might have offended him asking why he was railing, I mean Its nice people railing I just was curious why?

SO when he showed up this Saturday as well I said
-Hey (and his name) soo nice to see you! (lol)
He was very surprised I remembered his name and am not sure due to my drunkenness state last time or if he just surprised in general anyone remember his name, HE IS very shy!

So I teased him a bit saying now I get luck ***** is here. Bla bla bla. And i also asked him why he left last time? And if I scared him home? (I know, it’s so not nice of me to be so direct but FFS he is around 30!! He gotta learn how to talk to chicks else he lives with his mum rest of his life) anyway he said

- No it was late really. (lolament)

THAT I don’t get, he rail a tourney from 15:00 to 23:00 and miss out last hr??? dohhh!

BUT here is where it gets funny…. I asked some of the regulars what’s the story here, why he come and rail? They said he played some smaller tourneys’ and busted and now he don’t want to play anymore until he learned a bit more so he is railing. Well that’s respect but in all fairness, learning on Casino Dragonara???? From who????xxx the 90 yr old never let go of a draw player or xxxx “I had a pair” or the proffesoor best best in the world??? OR even worse loud Max that don’t get we are playing texas holdem, I guess as he plays so bad.

And now it gets even more funnier. Apparently He phoned one of the regulars asking if I was playing?? Huuuuuu?? Come on! He is so so shy, he doesn’t even dare to look at me. Lol, poor him, next time I give him my card and say phone me straight instead and ask tiger! Lol then he die. Am herby making it my mission to UN shy him. FFS, he got to go with the Malta fase!

COS I MEAN… seriously…. Ibiza wannabe area am not going to be a frequent visitor in, or well, at least not in summer time, it has to smell so so bad. Walking up there to meet the Girls I saw 7 people puking. One was puking while his friend eat a kebab beside him, they where both sitting down on the street. NH GG WP

Well the best with that area this time was I found a drink that reminded me of pear milkshake with a drop of bailymint the one who guess which one get a price.

We took that one and a cuba libre so we get two each every time ordering, it was a long que, can’t be bothered to WAIT when I want drinks.

And am honest really surprised that people just take anyone to get laid, that’s what it looks like indeed and I saw so many odd things and especially last hr, like desperate hunt game starts NOW. GO Go GO!

Trust me am so so happy am good alone not the slightest ashamed over that. Seriously I rather do that then going into that swamp hunt. NEVER.
Am hereby declare that anyone who sees me go home with anyone from that swamp can come and get an expensive price!

I never have been a one night stand girl and after seeing what I saw Saturday I won’t ever be, I done one night stand once in a my lifetime and to be honest about that we were so drunk and had a fun evening together so it was just natural but then when finally there we just laughed at it more or less.
AND we are friends still so no worries.

And as a top on the cake, walking to Wemblyes for a cab, we saw a girl puking, standing bend forward puking like crazy AND her boy for the night doing her right there like that. OMFG.. AND his friend was standing few meters away peeing like nothing.

I got little worried thinking this is really not good, she is so drunk and puking she clearly has no idea what is going on, this gotta be close to rape. But no nooo.. Suddenly she wakes up from her puking and I hear her tell the boy to grap her tits. Omg.

Well.. I might be too old to appreciate the Ibiza wannabe area, so instead of whining I should just avoid it or close my eyes, I know. But I had to get it off me

Play well!

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