Friday, March 13

EPT live stream in bed

What a nice Friday evening :)\

Connected the lap to the TV and cuddle up in bed to see the EPT live stream
I mean that’s a normal Friday right? Lol. No shit Sherlock am single. Whoooo!

It’s quite funny to hear the talking in the break when William and Johan think the cameras are off and discussing the crazy Russian and how to correct spelling mistake in their blogs hahahahah.. humour on high level!
eh.. you know now i got this program that makes the words red if they are wrong, so its easy hahahhaahhahahaha.. welcome to the computer world!

Am so so pleased Johan is on this final table finally he so deserves it, IMO he is one if not the best and definitely the most pleasant and nicest Swedish MTT player.

And its so nice that Thomas Kremser is TD again, he was not in Copenhagen and I missed his very respectful person. And stand on his feet looking totally perfect for 5 days in a road a 14 hrs a day, He is THE Td in the business but charge over 2000 euro per day so hey hoe, why should he complain about aching feet’s

My girl Em, which I often bring into my blog, got an email from him other day, he wanted her to deal in Monte Carlo, however she can’t, it’s a conflict of interest in her job. Too bad, it be an awesome experience. And Anna panna would ofc go along and tyake care of the drink list :P ALL TO what they do best best!

OK break over am back railing!

Go Johan go Johan, and yea Wille too ofc! Just Johan little more :)\
Sandra is an underdog that be a great win for the poker industy if she wins, as she also won the EM in poker a few months ago!!


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