Monday, March 2

Fliplolament session!

Couldnt sleep, am not good in sleeping :)\

Sooo… thought I make a spin, logged into an account I haven’t used for long and said I give it 2 hrs. Gambling and pure donkament, my mood was in need of FLIPs…

And that I got, but it was one of those sessions where you hit when you need and the cards just seem to go your way. Am glad though no one knows that’s my nick, because I played like a mental case recently released from institution or something. Arghhh.. but heyhoe, spinned 100 euro up to 2500 in 1 hr and decided to stop, felt tempted to do a Omaha session too but controlled myself :P and closed down.

It was not a session to learn something from that I am sure of, but it was fun, and I needed it, being in bad mood since that casino incident, and still not sure if I should make some sort of complain or whatever, who knows maybe it can give me free drinks lol, not like I need that for a while, I got to slow down that part and focus a bit now, important things going on work wise so got to give it my full attention. Probably not any time for online gaming either so felt good to do this short but ok session.

Play well out there.

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