Friday, March 20

Portomaso Live madness

I think after all live games I ever played, tonight was THE weirdest, by far.

And for the record, I played a shitload of live games, I used to help run a poker club in Sweden, we had tourneys 5 evenings a week, I am experienced both in ruling, TD, dealing and playing, so I will never accept wrong ruling in key pots. Or any pots, but I can let it go if it’s not of any importance.

OK…. It’s the Malta Series Of Poker this weekend at Portomaso.
Today I played the 330 one and not much to say, I got my KK cracked after 3 hrs play for a respectful pot and was low after that. Folded and waited patiently for 1.5 hrs and looking down on AK on my BB where there are two limpers and one all in, stick em in and are in good shape against his AJ but with J on flop. Thanks and good bye. No problems. Ohh one funny thing… after first hand are dealt one player at my table says in Italian very upset (I got it explained for me ) that he only got 2 cards, he should have 5 so what kind of poker is this?? Hahahahahah.. he never even heard of texas holdem, NH GG WP!

OK… play some cash game but they smoke like maniacs in there so I can’t really stand it, especially not now when being treated for pneumonia as well, its difficult so I skip that and Em and I place our self’s in the bar :P we good at that.

After a while a friend come and say we missing two people for a satellite for tomorrows 550 game come one girls, well, I am playing it anyway and I cannot be bothered with a satellite that takes forever and anyway end in bingo bingo and I end up paying more for the tourney then getting straight in. Arghhh but ok, we are bored and poker is fun! So we say ok. 20 ppl, 4 seats win.

I double in hand 3 and that’s really important in satellites as the structures are often crap. I limp in with 23 of diamonds, just can’t resist it ehh :P and one Italian wants to raise to 500 (blinds 50) (lol) but forget to say raise so it a call, so whole table limping (lol). Flop says 236 I think he has KK, QQ or so and he will pay me of so I check, he raise, all fold to me, I re raise, he go all in, all after my plan and I call, he shows KK and my little hand hold up and he hates me, that’s hater nr 1.

Trust me there be plenty more before this evening are over.

1 hr later… Am on button and have KK. UTG goes all in, smaller stack, so I only call hoping to get some more in, I get BB in and pot around 5000.
Flop comes A 28 Check check. Turn another diamond making it 3 diamonds. Check check, typical satellite game bhaaaa. River another A. ok…… so now… BB shows his cards, the all in guy show his card, and dealer ask me to show mine,
I say: why?
He says: so we can see who won !


 I say: but who says I have checked? Am not checking this board.

AND now the fuzz start and those of you who live in Malta knows how Maltese discuss so add that with 100000 million times that’s how it is to play with Italians, it’s really really tiring. Ok floor come and the BB guy who has an Ace (lol) are very angry. And Floor says I need to show my card and that’s it. I refuse. I can be very stubborn if I know am right, no way am accepting that. They discuss forever!! And call the TD from the big tournament and he instantly says ofc she cannot be forced to show her hand, she has the option to act with their cards face up. So I bet 3000 and the man with the Ace folds, I can’t resist showing my KK and NOW am almost scared how much they hate me and I know now I need to focus and play well they hunt me in every pot I go. LOL LOVE THAT!!! And they scream in Italian and it’s very chaotic to say the least. They hate me and Em badly.

Hand after Em is all in pre against a guy, and he flops a straight, Em says: naee don’t worry I get Q on river and get a better straight. River= Q . omg he get angry splasching his chips lol. Hand after that, she is all in again against a small stack that flopped two pair and again she pulls a miraculous card to get trips (lol) they really hate us now. It’s going to get worse.

We are down to one table and they make a redraw, and this is funny, if you make a redraw and everyone get new seats, then you can never be sit out on button to wait for your turn, as you normally can if they move people into another table, you all understand what I mean right? Soooo… who do they make sitout first round? Me of course. I don’t say anything am just simple can’t be bothered, its one fecking hand, but Em goes mad (lol) and try to explain the stupidity in this. Some other people on the table also try to explain the stupidity.

I ask them: ok guys I don’t care, only thing I care about is if you going to discuss stop the clock.

The guy that folded the Ace against my KK are THE most angriest man in world history and tells ME, that has not even said a word a long long sentence in Italian spitting his saliva like a rabies dog and pointing his finger, (lol) I smile and say- it was really nice weather today don’t you think?

He doesn’t understand anyway so I can say whatever. ITALIANS can’t speak English at all, seriously, I thought French people where bad but this is silly bad. Anyway, game continue, me sitting out, I don’t care. If I was small stack I prob would care. Em says to Jackie, an Maltese woman who plays a lot, we know her well, she says something to her in English, and they are not even in the hand any of them, and it’s about something totally not revolving poker. And then a new hand is being dealt…. And SUDDEN a little man that sits in a corner with a computer and a camera, a BLOGGER! Jumps up behind me pointing his finger at Em and SCREAMING, literally SCREAMING


Jackie the Maltese woman says say, what??? She doesn’t even understand Italian.
The dealer says what?
The railing crowd says what?

Ok, Not only did he make me close to deaf!!!, he also pisses me off, who are he to come and even breath in our direction, he is not in the tour, he is not the dealer, he is not ANYTHING. HE is a blogger.
So  ask him to please leave us alone and go back to his little laptop and continue his geek sad life not having money to play poker. (well I got angry, sorry) I mean, how can they refuse us speaking English, when the Italians speaking Italian ALL the time. He goes mental!! Completely mental.

Floor comes AND also announces we can’t speak English because the dealer doesn’t understand it. HOW can that be our problem??? Official language in Malta are Maltese and English, English is spoken EVERYWHERE on every poker scene around the world. It’s just so bad run all of it.

Thank god a English girl who works for the Italian poker site that arrange the weekend see the ridiculous in this and stop the farce and give us a dealer who can speak both English and Italian. There are a lot of people railing all this fuzz trust me and they all say same thing, this is crazy, how can he come and even interfere in anything and act like this. I let it go, cos else I known it’s going to tilt me out of this tour, Em is insane angry and I understand her, he pointed at her and directed very angry bad bad Italian words to her, I do understand quite a lot actually but they don’t need to know that. And he been following her around all day (she is very pretty) taking pictures putting on his stupid little blog, pictures that he now been forced to remove, by Em, (lol)

I call the floor and calmy informs him that 2 weeks ago I emailed the organization of the tourney in order to get confirmation other people then Italians are welcome and English can be used and I have that black in white in an email (and luckily enough I remember the person’s name and say it, I also did email regarding that as it’s an Italian tour arranger so am safe and sound ) so I will ofc take discussion with him regarding this tomorrow. So pointless to waste time on this now as I understand the floor don’t really have any authority at all so let’s just play.
THEN he tries to say sorry this and sorry that, I say I rather take that discussion with someone who is in charge so if we pls can just get some peace and play this sat to finish.

After another 30 minutes the floor comes back announcing there been a misunderstanding we can ofc speak English. Clearly he been told from higher instance he is way out of line.

THEN this hand happens. We are down to 7 players so its starting to get edge and every move is huge important. Am in BB and actually thinking of going all in and steal the blinds with my A2 spades.

I do a mistake here, I for some reason, but its messy everyone is screaming all the time so easy to get confused, there is a raise, not very big but hardly worth it for me unless someone else calls too, and I mistakenly think it’s me to act, not seeing someone already called his raise so I say fold after some thinking, and then dealer stop me saying it’s not my time to act, ohh sorry I say and look proper and see there is a caller to the rasie, and SB to act, he fold. So now its back to me, and here they go bananas again, screaming I have to fold I have to fold, (lol, they know i can stick all in with any two and not scared doing so so they want me out of the hand, i cover them all as well) dealer says I can call the raise but I can’t re raise. I ACTUALLY wants to call now, as that caller in too I can see value in paying that on top of my BB,with my suited connected Ace, A2 spades. They almost start world war 3 here over this, and I just sit quiet and ask the dealer as he are the one in charge really, - what are my options? He says you have to fold. Now he changed his mind (lol) Iot of people are saying the same as he said first I can call but not re raise.

I don’t fight here the atmosphere are really really angry around us, almost uncomfortable, and also ther can be different rules her for different places actually so i respect that, I ask the dealer again and if he is sure my only option are fold. He says yes madam. Ok I don’t argue I just fold I don’t want to get killed on my way home by an angry Italian donk. I would of course won the hand if in, no one had ace, and ace on flop and check check check all way to river.

THEN the Dealers says after the hand, he made mistake as my cards has not reached the muck I didn’t have to fold. NOW we go bananas again, not me I just shake my hand and ask for a waitress. I really need a drink.

But the others are wacko caco and floor comes running, and then he starts to explain to me, I tell him I don’t care I didn’t complain and ask him to get me waiter. He continues in poorly English explaining, and I again say I don’t care, what is he going to do? Replay the hand????

This goes on FORVER, and then the English girl working for the site that luckily heard and seen all says- seriously get real, she didn’t complain, she didn’t say a word, its everyone else it’s the Italians making all the fuzz so pls stop this now. He then back off.

I say loud and clear to Em across the table- jesus they really are scared of us so they need to use all sort of nonsense stuff, but I understand they play so so bad really. Well I can’t help it, I get bitchy after all this hazzle, and it works they get more and more tilted over the fact they can’t tilt us.

The English girl came up to us afterward and thanked us for being so understanding and taking it so good, saying we been really good about it. Well in end we contributed too for sure, i know, but one can’t sit and take shit, I would never do that and I know I play better poke then them so yea better to show our skills there instead, yes that’s correct true. Bhaaaa! But I won’t ever take shit, ever!

Now I need sleep.
And yes, I took one of the 4 seats. So tomorrow (today) is freeeeeee! Or i save some of the buy in to the 2200 instead, as they kindly agreed for me to move the seat worth 550 into the 2200...dunno yet. It starts in 8 hrs.... bhaaa. night night

Hep hep!

Play well!

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