Tuesday, March 24

25 things about me

My friend Lina ( “pokerskribent” of the year in Sweden) send me 25 notes about herself and urge me to do so too, it’s supposed to be 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

Things that most people right now in your life don’t know about you.

So here we go:

1. I moved out from home when I was 17 years old, to school far away, never moved back after that.
2. I used to work for the Swedish government before working with poker
3. I got a university degree in agriculture management and economics
4. I played some sort of cards or boardgames my entire life; in my family we did that to socialize so not my fault I need my daily fix of poker
5. I am a good chef but hate to cook for one person. Homemade Lasagna anyone?
6. I used to play volleyball on little higher level (a lifetime since though)
7. I dont sleep much and love to work, longest I worked in row without sleep is 72 hrs
8. I have never had a one night stand (well once so don’t think it count)
9. I milked more cows then any of you lived days
10. I love airports
11. I have written a child books series of 4 books
12. I hate christmas but love to buy presents to people
13. I lived in Africa for 4 yrs (winters)
14. I hate lies incredible much and am often too straigth forward
15. I have once asked Robbie Williams for his last name when he gave me his phone number. (note this was in the peak of his carrier, lol)
16. I Love old peoples stories
17. I am good at drink lists :)
18. I cant ever live far from sea, good i live on a rock in the Sea then!
19. I've seen all episodes of 24, season 1, 2, 3 and 4, almost in a row
20. I once lost 50 kilos in weight during 6 months period, on purpose and won a bet.
21. I believe in God or destiny maybe better to say
22. I sold my last horse 5 yrs ago
23. I once held a total stranger in my arms until she died
24. In a relationship I think respect is THE most important thing, the rest one can work out if only there are respect
25. I love falling asleep by someone writing words on my back

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