Saturday, March 7

In One outer's we have our faith :).....

Hola! ( am trying ok)

So I been back at Dragonara since the horrible Saturday tourney, I was there Tuesday and the guy I had this clash with got seated on my table, well he was very quiet, people know me quite well down there now and are very friendly so I guess he felt he been out of line, am sure he tells me next time he is drunk covered rat as moron!

Then I was there yesterday for the Thursday one as well, it was nice we where almost 40 ppl, cool!

And I got my darling dealer that always give me what I need, card wise. :P can we pls stop these naughty minds ?

Anyway, struggled so so so well with small stack, played well, patient and picked my spots perfect and I read hands so well, and did some great lay downs,(for being me lol) strange cos normally I toss em in and hope for the best being low stack but I just felt I badley wanted to be on FT again BECAUSE that moron I had clash with was good in chip so even a donkey could have played his stack. And christ i wanted to win over him again.

I was moved a few hrs into the game and am really really low stack like 6 BB, so I got no options whatsoever anymore. Any decent two is just to stick in. At the table is a Italian man, he didn’t play super super bad in all fairness he played ok, but he was on an unbelievable run, they told me when I came to the table to be ready to see some weird weird hands cos its been crazy. And indeed, he won everything, even the hands he folded preflop he would have won if in, sick run he had, and monster stack!

I doubled once whuuu but lost it hand after holding KK against AJ, AND a King on flop but also an 10 and then Q on river mehhheee.. hand after I doubled again, love swings allrigth, not! Then blinded down bla bla bla , then hep hep manage to double and its FT. Nice.

Ok we are down to 9 players, and the moron I was up against last Saturday start to argue AGAIN about a pot he won, not against me but it was an all in and he won a side pott, and he said dealer counted wrong, I just got so pissed hearing his nagging so I said: hey listen now you little nob, your job is to say fold, check raise ect dealers job is to sort the game out card and chip wise and he is doing it very very well, so can you just shut up and leave him to do his job ? (I know it was correct counted, I counted too same time as dealer, quiet in my head :)\, yes am a nerd, just that dealer did it another way taking side pots to one winner from one pot instead of same from two different stack, ghaaa)

Hahahahahah… he just instantly sat down and said : Sorry ann.( people from UK cant say Anna for some reason, its always Ann, just as in africa whenh i lived there they cant say anna they say Hanna)

Hahahahahahahah…. Inside I laugh so I almost couldn’t speak. Donkey. Then he started to talk about the Saturday and explain and blabla I just said let’s play, that’s old news, you already shown your colors, am not interested in changing my mind – yet.

Yes am a bitch.
So what?

Anyway…. Down to 7 ppl now and I look down on AA.

Still not ok in chips I got just over 20 k and blinds are 1400. Utg limps (nice I know he pays me off as well he is a Maltese donkey, nice one but he pays, probably having A10 AJ AQ) next fold, third raise to 5400, NICE BUT… it’s the Italian so I do get some feeling inside I can’t win this. I mean he win so many hands that plain simple are impossible hands, he just have one of those nights.

But yes I stick in, blinds and UTG folds and Italy calls, he has QQ. Utg says he folded AQ. Nice one Q gone.

Still I feel I can’t win this, even though he got like one out! Cos it’s the Italian!

And yea,, river … Q

Hahaha.. poker is so great!

Hep hep


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