Sunday, March 22

Just not good enough :(

Well i think if one can’t win with the hands I got tonight one cant do much really.

I played so much live games and I laugh my ass off at people busting first level, how can one even go broke when blinds are 25/50 1 hr blind and stack 15 k????

I busted after 32 minutes.

We played 10 hands in those 32 minutes.

I was in those 10 hands dealt in following exact order:

KQ suited
KQ suited

And last AA brought me out.

They call with 74 off preflop aswell as 49 off, is this Italy’s best players?
Then I want to move there. Instantly.

Most annoying part, they feel so good, when they play so bad. I feel ashamed if I play a hand like that and win, because i want to play good. But we are all different

I spend first 1 hr in the bar beating myself up, I seriously did, I mean a bad beat now and then WTF no big deal, one can take that but these hands boom boom boom that’s pretty too much. And I really mentally prepared so well for this game, perfect structure for me, I NEVER get tired or bored around a table live. I got the sickest stamina in live tours, I can be awake 70 hrs in a row without even feeling tired, I can be without food and drinks for 40 hrs if I have too and still be focused. Am not bullshiting you and am not saying this to hear woow bla bla bla, its fact. And I know myself and my limits as person and as a player well.

I was bit surprised when bartender gave me the bill of 16 triple vodka redbull after 1 hr.

I didn’t even feel slightest dizzy I just felt sick to my bone over the play.
I should know better than to go broke on first level in a deep stack tourney.
It’s just not acceptable.
It’s just NOT at all acceptable.

Its poker and I work with players on daily basis talking them trough these things, I know its variance and I know it’s just poker and I know it happens, am a proo in helping my players trough bad times, just not very good handling myself.

My phones, all 4 of them, are never off, regardless where I am or what am doing I NEVER refuse to pick up when one of my players call me, and I listen for hrs, we discuss and we talk. I don’t always agree, and I know sometimes that’s what they need, but that’s not right, I say my mind, and sometimes we fight but in end it helps. Sometimes I close account down for few days and that’s a border line what I should or should not do, after all we earn on rake, but we don’t earn on broke players do we? Most of my players have also become close close friends over the years, and its more than just business. So i know very well its variance and just to move on, but if i dont analyze the play i did and discuss it with people i respect i cant get better. And i am not doing anything in this world without aim to get better and better. If not having that aim, its IMO not worth doing.

Tomorrow is another day and there be new hands to play and take decisions in.
And am right back in it.
For sure.

Just very gutted when the game strategy don’t work.
AA 3 hands in a row and out after 32 minutes, it should be a price for that even.

See you around the tables.


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