Thursday, April 2

Playboy mansion - i got a question

Well….. This has absolutely nothing to do with poker :-)\ but am a bit puzzled!

This program Playboy Mansion, where the camera follow these three stunning beautiful girls on their hard days (lol) at the Hugh Heffner Mr Playboy Mansion.
Am really confused.

Well... I took early night yesterday was tempted to go to casino and do their 20 euro rebuy, thats how bored i was even, but ended up bed to watch TV and got stucked in this program to start with.

BTW, does people in Malta don’t have TV in their bedroom?
The guy installing the cable connection in my bedroom back in November was very doubtful to it, he asked me 3 times
– Madam, (WTF lay of this madam shit now) you want TV in bedroom as well as living room?

He was very veeeery cute and was some sort of deep sea or if it was skydiver, lived up in north, had a Swedish friend visiting day after to do diving (why do people tell me all sort of things?? Happens all the time, I did NOT ask)
Ahh well as he being so cute I figure he deserves an answer else I simply ignore those questions, as in all fairness it’s not his business. But I told him, yes I need TV bedroom I watch a lot of movies late at night. AND then I stir him straight in his sweet little innocent eyes with a slight of tinkle in corner of left eye (lol so funny to see his reaction)
He said: oh.. and BLUSHED!!! Hahaha he thought I watch adult movies,,, well I got the big Cable packet and so far have not been able to stumble over something even close to that so not likely. But then he actually regain senses pretty quick, he gotta have credit for that, and said: well then Madam ( arghhhhhhhh,, pls) I better get to work then, and he blinked!! Haha… I said
- yepps get right on it!

We actually ended up drinking coffee after he was done so I don’t believe I scared him too much. Even though am pretty sure he tells his work mates, there is a nuts MADAM (this gotta stop, I hate being called madam) living on nr 32. Pretty standard, heard the nuts part before, it’s ok, I don’t care, not much anyway :P

OK, back to Mr Hugh Heffner and the blondies without brains, am not sure why I started to watch this crap but when living in Copenhagen it was on so many channels so one couldn’t avoid it and TV is always on when grinding the tables so for some reason I got stuck in it. But am really reaaaaally confused. Honestley.

First of all WHAT is it with this old man walking around in a bathrobe all days????

Second of all, how does it WORKS, I mean, they are all his girlfriends, right?
And one of them Holly is like first lady of the house. I get that part.
Hmmm well.. Do they all **** him?
Sorry but I don’t get that part?

And do they take turns sleeping his bed then or, I mean the bed is huge sometimes they lay there all 4 watching a movie ordering room service but:
-is it the first lady who sleeps there at night?
And if he wants to attend the other two, does she leave then or does he visit their rooms?

Well, every time I see this program in the background I wonder these things *shaking my head*

But what is it with this man in this bathrobe?

Anyone get it?

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