Wednesday, May 7

Its all about doing the right thing! or?

Done some MTT`s, think that needs to be my main focus stopping cash games, its too big swings. And am not doing bad at all on the MTT`s but not getting the top noch palcment either so need to PRACTISE more lol, good!

The other day we ended up in a discussion that I found interesting.

I played a guarantee with a pretty good price for first, about 10 k € and I did very well, it was a rebuy but I didnt have to do any and was on top 5 until my last few hands and I was overall happy with my game, especially my "reesteals" :-)

I busted just before the final table and that sucks. Especially since it was absolutely nothing I could do, but well, actually it feels a bit better due to that, I didn't do mistakes I was just hit by idiotic play from the enemy, that was rewarded.

But the lesson of the day that is even more clearer then before to me now must be:
- it's not about winning the pot, it's about doing the right thing.

Everyone knows this i guess? or?
lol, of course you all do, but do you live by it?

We ended up in a discussion about this issue in a hand I played bad. Am on button with AJ and got a caller before me and put in too big rerasie and all folded and I won the pot, it was good blinds and antes so I was actually happy for the pot but I didn't play right.

I could have betted much smaller, risked less, and got the same outcome. As i was not ready to play for my stack with that hand i should not have played it like that, some of my skype proffesores that rails me said -wp nh you got the pot, that's what matters. And I didn't really agree and neither did my "mentor", I realised almost same time hitting the bet button that it was too much and was also told so by him and it's a short time thinking to think "win the pot" because if one don't win the pots by doing the right thing, then in the long run you will not improve your game and get better. And one always needs to find ways to improve.

And once again I can't say strongly enough, it's so important to have someone to discuss your play with, talk hands, talk about the decisions you make and why and what you base them on. One person's game structure doesn't fit all, one needs to find what fits you, find your way. And sometime I feel I am on right way and then other days I feel like huh? Do I even know the rules; poker is a very complex game.

And study your opponents is vital. Really, I always joke and say- toss em in and hope for the best, but frankly thats is not what i do, i study my table well, and try to use my strong sides against their weaks. That's the only winning way. The cards? well yea great if i get good ones, but one can achomplish a lot even without the big hands. I spend so many, unbelivable many hrs railing friends deep and on finaltables and its very intresting, when i know their hands to see the decisions they take, so now i can watch and guess their hands, its good practise :) BUT pick good player, players you respect and trust to be the one inspiring your game!

Luck is nice but you can feck not relay on that sick puppet!

Another hand, I am on button again, this time with AQ off, the player UTG goes all in with about 55% of my stack size and I got a good bit over average so am not very pressed, yet.

The player UTG +2 go on top all in and have me well covered.

I didn't really think much about it, I just folded, i know am so behind here because I know the player that stick in first, UTG, I been on his table several times in MTT`s and I know he has to have a better hand then me, and I was right, he had KK, the other had JJ the kings held up, but of course flop brought out both an A and an Q for me but still I feel my fold was right.

Well, am far from being good at this game but at least I got the will to learn and realise my mistakes and that is important, open up your mind and senses boys and girls :-) and best of luck!

Todays Tick: ahh gotta be my AA all in pre against KK, JJ and AK, there comes J on flop, am hitting my keyboard in frustration, shouting for a one outer, blank turn and then river YES! A very nice and pretty Ace. Took me to massive cl already level 1 sweet sweet.

Todays Took:
the idiot that called my AK (after raise rerasie) with K4 and hits his fecking 4 and took half my stack when being 14 people left!


C4Q & TT

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