Tuesday, April 8

San Remo and Amsterdam

Okedoki.. to skip some months am now home in Sweden again after first some days in San Remo for the EPT and then weekend in Amsterdam for the CAP conventiopn for some meetings.

San Remo was nice, ended up in a hotel a bit far out in nowhere so taxi took a bit of time and money but still it was nice and quiet, i spoke to a few that lived in the city they said cars driving and hunking their horn all night so maybe it was pretty ok after all. And in the hotel it stayed alot of nice people so i cant complain. It was a golf hotel resort and lots of those muppets with clubs and balls :-) i dont get it, sorry but i just dont! They served the absolultey most crap breakfast i ever seen and managed to destroy both the wardrobe and one doorpost in the room, well now you all think i had some crazy party but no, i actually just opend the wardrobe and it fall of its wheel and the door post just falled down on me, huhu... but i had a chewing gum in my mouth so my friend there with me said: stick it in! lol, I AM going back to that hotel in 5 yrs to see if my chewing gum are still there! I Am.

The organization at Casino in San Remo was a disaster and the italian players was so crap so all you wanted to do was to get a cash game going but there wasent any room for that. I played a side event and busted just before the money but hey hoe, cant sit and wait for getting my buy in back when having the best hand, thats not how i play. My mate did well on the roulette but on other hand he is born with luck in his shoes :-) one gotta love that.

I fly out to Amsterdam on the friday and arrived there pretty late and in a crancky mood needing food and sleep! The hotel was absolutley fantastic,nice bathrope on the bed, jacuzzi, and a spa kit, big bowl of fruits, well sorted minibar, roomservice 24 hr and huge kingzise bed and best of all: i could even conect my lap to the 42 inches TV and play poker- cool! I took a long bath and order up some roomservice and planned to play poker, but hey hoe i fall asleep and woke up around 03.

The meetings went really well and i even got some houers between two meeting to take a walk in town, and normaly there is not time for that when i travel so i spend 2-3 hrs in Amsterdam city walking around, great little coffe places and bars, it really is a nice town and sun was shining and all good!

Passed a square full of flowers and it was amazingly beautiful, i didnt have my camera with me on this trip since i cant find the charger to it :-( so i cant show you but it was really amazing, flowers everywhere and in sparkling colours, and if you look up you see the chanel and water and boats, it felt exotic.

I bought some "flower onions" to give away as a present here in sweden, prob not legal to transport home but it was such amazing flowers and the onions looked funny so i couldnt resist it. And maybe more important, the guy selling them was so hunkey :-) and he spend like 30 minutes explaining to me how to plant them, i didint have the heart to tell them i dont care and i live in an appartment lol, cos he really was good looking and i enjoyed his attention, and i tiped him a bit so one can say i actually bought company while in Amsterdam , ! LOL!

But the 2 people receving this presents will just love it.they got like big garden and both of them got a "glashouse" in their garden where they grow stuff,,, I love buying presents and i think am quite good at it, finding odd things, not always expensive cos that isnt what matters, actually i say, never expensive, its a sport to find a present that dont cost much but will be remembered. However i didnit find any sunglasses or teddybears for myself, and that is sad since i really need new glases and a teddy bear is always sweet but i did find fridge magnets :-) yea i know am a bit wacko caco,,,, but i love sunflowers and i found some magnets that where sunflowers so they had to be bought! And one more thing, hmmm well... Amsterdam is a very openminded city really, and i have never seen sex shops so totaly open on each streets, it really was hard to pick a good one ;-) but the owner was very funny, he showed me his shop very proudly so i couldnt really leave without buying something, i doint have the herat to not buying. eh...

But the taxi driver i had taking me to the airport day after said Amsterdam is changing, they got a conservative majour now and the whole city is changing. I said to him well am not much for the smoking part anyway so to me it dont matter, he said: i prefer a stoned person over a drunk person anyday of the week !
Ah well... he was a bit funny! and when i paid the taxi he said: how much you want the reciep on? lol. and he really looked suprised when i said: i want it on that sum, and pointed at the taxameter. He shook his head.

People are nice in Amsterdam, i sat down at a outdoor pub and straight got some nice company to share a couple of beers, that dont really happen here in sweden. It was a nice group of people, crazy funny ones and i could easy be sitting there with them for hrs but i had another meeting to settle before the day was over.

Finaly after a week on the road i was home with my sweet darling Tess around 21:00 sunday evening and it was so great to see her, i really missed my girl, and am also very excited to see if she is pregnant with tiny Tessies, i will take her to a scan in end of week. It will be incredible fun to have puppies again. Am sure they will look great, the dog daddy was a Golden Retriwer, very hunkey looking one and he bite her ears and drewl on her neck so i think it took ;-)

My coming travel plans would be:
Tallinn - Swedish championship
Helsinki Midnight Sun
Waterford summer festival- Ireland

I promsie i give you some more fun and crazy roadtrips stories then instead.
And lots of pictures.

hep hep
C4Q & Tess

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