Monday, May 26

Cultural "pups" :-)

So time again- Tess thinking she is with pups and she´s not.
Happens like a letter in the post 60 days after her heat and she really gets silly.

Today when i came home she had made a big pile of my double duve in bed, it was all squeesed into one pile and she had hidden her "pups" in there, safe from the outside world, and hey hoe what pups OMG one duck that makes sound, one moose that also makes sound, one green "joker" stars beer, one empty Fanta bottle, one shoe, one bottle of sunlotion :-) well we are very cultural in my little family i`d say!

And it dont matter how many times i put everything back on its place, she just take it back and she makes noice bringing them back to really reincure me that am doing the wrong thing. Very sweet.

Emma, Tess`s mate came and rang ther door, asking if she could take Tess with her out for a walk, it was pouring rain outside and i felt a bit bad from my arthorithis today so i was very happy to let Tess join Emma for an extra walk. But as always i miss my little girl even if it was just an houer, am useless, maybe good i dont have kids, i think i would love them to death. They came back, and Tess ran straight into her pups and the duck that makes sound was UNDER the duve so it was a big strugle before she got that one out :-) and she DID let me know how silly i WAS for laughing. Anyway, when she got back souking wet after the walk we cuddled up in sofa, I wraped her in a flecce blankett to dry up and drank my tea and watched CSI.

Being in this situation thinking everything is her pups she is even more crazy being under the duve, right now typing this she squeezed her self with a lot of noice and strugle under the duve, lol, its just so funny to watch. Then under she cuddle in as a round ball sticking her nose under her legs. And she is so miserable, making funny sounds and clean her "pups" soooo clean :-) the fanta bottle dont have any labels left :-) thats for sure!

The pics are in black and white, i like that! Am trying to put togheter a dog wall of black and white, but old photos that are not digital dont really become good :-( or am not good enough, DAVE i aussieeeeee... need ya!

I took a break from packing and fixing today, my body was aching from the weekends carrying boxes and stuff. Early nigth, turning the TV watching some poker i think.

Be good, be lucky and be happy!
Talk soon

C4Q & Tess

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