Friday, May 9

Dear C4Queen .......

..... Happy birthday!
Oh yea right, so another year has past and am now again one year younger!

Well to me those special days don't really matter much, each day is just as important and I get even happier if people surprise with a sweet comment or a bunch of tulips (love tulips) or a little silly gift made of shiny chewing gum paper on an ordinary Tuesday evening then on my birthday or on Christmas.

Beside my mum's best wishes in the phone, (bless her) I got a happy birthday mail from 6 different poker forums, ( auto generated mail.) "hey C4 queen we wish you a happy birthday" I think that was funny, not anyone of my friends really remembered me but 6 poker forums did , lol, I really put an effort in writing back a long replay, I know its silly, but am a bit wacko. And maybe it will make them smile.
I even attached a photo of Tess and me eating cake. *smile*

Ohh I almost forgot, one of the VEEERRY big flower onions that I bought in Amsterdam on my last trip, se the Amsterdam blogg, and gave away actually found its way back to me the other day. The person I gave it to, return it in a nice pot and said happy birthday! Well, on the wrong day but I kept good face and said -so sweet! And gave him a big hug! It's actually a Christmas onion it turned out, how the Fu** are one supposed to know those things??

So it looks funny having the sunshine all over it since its almost summer here, but hey hoe, I rarely do things in right order anyway so why should I in this? Cant believe how quick it grow? Maybe because I forgot it in my suitcase in a plastic bag for 3 days, am not that quick in unpacking, when getting home I just want to be with Tess.

The poker week in Tallin was great, but I had fever some days and not feeling very well but else- great! Next step is Helsinki Midnight Sun between the 4 th and 7 th of June and it will be intresting, have only been in Finland once and that was quite far from a poker event, lol, you sitting down? Good, my boyfriend back then where invited to be refere at a very classy cattleshow/ exhibition you know, so we where there a whole weekend looking at big fineee Charolais Bulls! Helsinki around the corner, just need to find someone to my little Tess, that by the way most likely isn't pregnant, sad sad, I really thought we where having minitessies and looked forward to that.

Todays Tick: my birthday mails from poker forums, so funny and also Tess eating a whole packet of chewing gum, it looked quite funny!

Todays Took: has to be my ex husband still, he phoned me on my birthday saying in some covered words that I was a bitch. (I have reminded him 3 times to do his tax report in time, dunno why I bother really, I even offered to help and for that I was apparently a bitch)
Also a took is not having minitessies :-(

Okedoki.. all for now foks!!

Hep hep
C4Q & Tess

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