Saturday, May 17

Crazy Taxi ride!

Crazy day i had the other day, really!
But for a reason i most likely never will know my days seems to be a bit more wacko then others!!!

Ok i went to see some appartments and already in the taxi odd things started, why do i always get this spookey people!

Driver: allo allo ( danish/englishIndian/pakistanier somethinghy)
Me: hi!
Driver: you name is PanaKol ? (peter did you order it in phanna :-).. else its a bit funny)
Me: hmm jepp speaking!
Driver: you speaking?
Me: Pardon?
Driver: no dont be sorry.
Me: huh?
Driver: you wanna go?
Me: yes yes yes.. to vestergårdsvej 30 B
Driver: where is that, you find way?
Me: ehhh.. no, thats why i order a taxi. to take me from A to B.
Driver: 30 A?
Me: ohh no sorry, i meant from one place to another.
Driver: next place?
Me: no no, please drive me to vestergårdsveh 30 B or just close!
Driver: i dont know. i cannot know. ( omg, but hey hoe am very good at this, so i got maps printed )
Me: ahh no worries i got a map. ( and hand that one over)
Driver: good. Very good, Me not know.

He starts to investigate the map and turn it around and around up and down, and after some time he says:

Driver: Me glases soon. (huh? Soon? OMG can he drive? And if you think this is weird, just be petient, it gets worse,( in NEXT taxi! )
Driver: i thank you bring map, i thank. I see.
Me: dont you have GPS in this car?
Driver: yes yes but not when street closed

huh?, but i learned alot during IPO arangment when the french froggies wrote funny things so i understand he mean, not when too close to the adress :-) am
very good right? ) i know i should have walked but i got late and took a cab, so see, lazines is NOT rewarded, not now, not ever.

Me: ok, you know what, if you drive i tell you where to turn, is that ok?
Driver: ok. i turn.

We start to drive.. all fine.. first right he figured out him self to get out to the big road up to the light

Me: just keep going straight ahead over this junction.
Driver: ok. forward, straight.

And then 4 seconds after he turns leeft in the junction! HUH?
Me: eh... why you turn?

And its amazing am not irritated, but i just think its so weird and funny so i smile.

Driver: cannot turn left over there so i turn left now.
Me: ehh.. over there? ok. so you know the way?
Driver: no no you are the map.

i been many things, once i was even an Egg on a maskerade built to hatch after 00 and up to the hatching time all i said was "pip pip" so noone know who it was, but a map???

Well i keep quiet now, thinking he just taking the piss on me :-) so i guess we reach the destination.

Driver: where in england?
Me: no am from sweden.
Driver: no no, me drive many swedish people they no speak like that.
Me: ok ( and i realise icant explain and he cant understand so take an easy way out) i say: my dad is from england, i lived there to i was 15 :-) ( seriously my dad could not even with a gun to his head say 2 words in english)
Driver; i know i know i know.
Me: yea nice place, England!
Driver. yes yes yes.

OMG... but he did find the place :-) and am there pressing the door bell and a window open just above my head saying : is it Anna?

I look up and there is the most beautiful girl i seen in long time, and i dont get it because trough our email communication i thought it should be a man so i get confused.

Isnt Jamie a mans name? And her email was built in two names, MALE mfirst name... hmm.

Ok... stay tuned the rest is in next blogg. Comming up- two appartments and a taxi ride that ended in a crash... as i said.. i serioussly dont know why!

Hep hep

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