Friday, May 9

Tess & Me ---->Copenhagen

Tess and I are looking for an appartment in Copenhagen, and we want to move NOW.

Am so tired of this city and I need a change, new start, better focus on the job and just the possibility to walk around and no one really knows you, go alone to Tivoli and just look at people, have a beer, watch the amazing flowers, listen to some music, go to some concert somewhere, love concerts, almost any sort of concerts, as long as its NOT jazz, then i puke. Ahh or stand up comedian! Maaaaan - love that!

Hardly anything happens in this town :-) but on friday one of my friends that had a very classy nightclub and resturant called "Frimus" ( funny cos it`s a old old name same as "Rotary" ordern BUT in swedish it actually means something like" free pu**y" ) anyway... he changed it all into "harry`s" sportbar and they are having a premier tomorrow night so am invited, this man having this place are one of the few people in this town i like so i will go, smile and mingle and meet like 50 poker morons that all want to be sponsored or complain about tonights big big down time at Boss Media .-) , well nothing that not alkohol cant cure, and i have like 3 minute walk to the place so am in the riskzone of getting drunk and being forced to open up for some drunkness poker after party to early morning! Been there - done that, bhaaaaaaa!

as Albert Einstein said:
"-the question that sometimes drives me hazy - am I or the others crazy? "

So for now that's my big project! Finding an apartment in Copenhagen area is NOT easy I say, because I have Tess, Danish people don't seem to like dogs, huh?? Tess is more then a dog, she is my family; weird it shall not be accepted.

Hep for now!

C4Q & TT

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