Friday, May 23

Forgott it was a date! Sorry!

Yea... so it was time.

THE game of the year, for us who love champions leauge that is.
Chelsea-Man U, in Moscow!

I had a friend over from Copenhagen, and am sure HE thought it was a date so ok lets call it that then, but i did tell him sure he can come over but i AM watching the game and thats not possible to change. lol. He wanted to see it to so - great. I thought.

So we went down to my pub, and they just recentley renovated into a sports bar O´Leareys chain so of course this evening was crowded. And the place is divided in red and blue :-)and athmosphear is great and singing is on and everyone trying to sing better and stronger then other side.

Am heading of to the Blue area and also see some mates, THEN my "date" says well am a Man U fan so i cant sit there. OMFG! And i really hate Man U so this is not pretty!

Hmm.. what to do, i tell him that in this situation against Man Hate U am so blue as they come so see you in a few hrs then. He laughed and all good. He seemd to have a good time, i know a few over there in that corner so i told them its a friends of mine ect ect.. so he seemd to be ok so no worries. Odd yea, but in my life things are quite unpredictable. So i had a few beers and had a nice evening, i saw my "date" in the break, where he went out smoking (i hate smoking by the way)

WEll as it happens, the outcome of this game was not the best, i was so so diesepointed since i thought it was quite unfair, Chelsea was the better team, only a few attacs in first half that was better from other side. So when last penalty was kicked and result final i was just so pisst.

SO.. and this isnt pretty, i forgott i came there with someone, lol, so i went home, couldnt stand the scum fans singing glory glory bla bla bla.
But to forgett him was a bit not nice, i know. I didnt realise until a few hrs later when chatting with a blue mate online where we where discussig the game and puking our shit over the scums!! Then it striked me, omg, i left him at the pub lol, Yea i know. Am crap!!

But he just laughed and we decided i do owe him dinner and drinks, so i said i make him swedish "k├Âttbullar" in Frederiksberg when i am settled and he accepted that as a peace offer. Actually a nice guy and i didnt forgett him on purpouse, i was just so truly gutted of the result. If one love fottie one does, and if one are blue then it was a gutted evening!


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