Saturday, May 17

Another weird taxi

What is it with me and taxies?

Next one i order is....pure PINK! Totaly pink, never seen that :-)

I get in and say where am going.
And i actually have a map showing how to take me from this adress to that one so i just hand it over straight, one learn!

But he is cool, a man from some other country, didnt get witch one, he is 52 has 5 kids and 3 grand kids! Well they just tell this things i dont know why, i didnt ask this time. He says danish men are rubbish, they just drink beers and relax, Hmmm well.. whats the problem with that? And he goes on and on and on about a lady telling him last week he should come with her home to sleep in bed ( huh? why, why, why is it important for him to tell me this? ) I asked him if he did :-) he said no no am not cheap you know. LOL, what about married with 5 kids? but naeee, cheap was the reason clearly.

I get a text message from Emma saying Tess has been swimming and got dirty so they are now showering in the back yeard, lol, Tess looks like - mum FFS come home soon, in the pic she send! Well so i am busy with that so i dont talk to him and he keeps on and on, i dont answer... and suddly.....Am tossed half way to the front seat and i look up, i see we just missed a biker and then he start to move the car again and a another biker come and just drive straight out and he cant in any possible way avoid hitting her bike.

So, we crashed and absolutley chocking since the woman has litle baby on the back of the bike, big mess! she is yelling like i never heard anyone yelling, and she is saying her arm is hurt, the baby is screaming, mostley because the mother is screaming, Because car wasent near that end of the bike and she never droped the boke, it was stanidng up all the time. People are rushing there and every one are screaming! so it feels like this is a huge thing and that she is really hurt. We are in the middle of big traffic road friday afternoon and i tell him to drive into a smaller road so we dont get hit in the back, i mean after all he was turning thats why he was bumping into her so there is a smaller road.

We park and now the big issue here is not really about the fact that she can be hurt ect ect, noo, how much money she possible can get for her bike, and the bike was really not that damaged, it all sounded a lot worse then it was even though it is of course dramatic. But i dont get it, yes sure, ok one get pisst, but if it was me i would be just very greatful that my baby wasent hurt and just try to get home in one peace and sit down. The woman is furious! The taxi driver handles it well, he tell her to please see a doctor so all is ok, he says this repetley adn offers to drive her to hospital, and he will of course give her money for the damages and he give her all details she possible can need, license number ect ect. And she keeps on yelling. Maybe it was chock. Lets say that to make her a bit better.
But after 40 min or so they agreed.

And i must say, sure it was the drivers fault, as it always bloody seem to be when it comes to bikes and cars, BUT, and especially with a baby on the back, why in this world come so quick over a street and not aswell as the car look around better? I mean, after all i dont think i even would bike around in rush houer with my baby on the back of the bike in a big city.

Ah well...he drop me at right adress so i cant complain.

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