Tuesday, June 28

Knocked out of Emeraldbet tour on wrong ruling!

People, this is a true surreal story am about to tell, yes yes, get your popcorn ready folks. This story has very little to do with different rules or house rules,  because I can’t even in my wildest fantasy imagine anyone really having this rule, it’s just plain and simple a ruling that went wrong,  so wrong.  Am almost glad I was not there to witness it, since I probably would have trashed the place :) even if I was not in the hand.  I will never  understand players that don’t speak their mind when they know something is wrong, just because it has nothing to do with them, in my book that is not cool. 

And before anyone think am hanging out places and people you should all know I did send an email to the specific casino asking for their version and explanation, a friendly mail i must add, :)  and I reminded them 2 times, and given them plenty of time to answer, and they have not replied. I also asked them to deny or confirm if it was their own floor or if it was the organizers floor man who ruled. They have not answered any of this. And if anyone of you get the crazy idea thinking why the fu** should they answer this odd person, i let you know that i am a customer in this casino and i want to know their explanation before going there again, in fact  wanted to come and play the side events for this event, and i explained that in the email,  but not before having an explanation and then take my decision on to play or not. I believe thats nothing strange at all.

The hand is played out during the Emeraldbet Tour at Casino Venezia, Malta this weekend. Main event buy in 640+60 euro. The hand/ruling is on day 1. (i didn't play this event, too few players)

Lets not to have too many opinions on the hand or how it’s played, bet sizes, position and all those stuff’s because in this case it’s not important but yea it’s a madness hand from start to end but the ruling of the hand is what is so shockingly horrible, scary wrong. 

Italian bets out on the flop that is: QQ4
Finnish player raises and Italian calls. 

On turn our Italian player shoves all in, and big brave Finland decides to call.  Please remember Italy is now ALL IN and covered. When Finland says call, Italy says:
– I’m beat. And throw his cards face down over the line.Finland shows 42, and Italy realizes he has still a shot to win the pot as he has 63 and need a 6 to win. So Italy says: I thought you had the nuts but I still got outs, am not folding!
Well he can NOT fold as he is all in! 

And here is where it really gets wicked, floor is called and rules the Italian’s hand DEAD and its dealt a river card, that of course, you probably already guessed, yes, is a 6.

One really has to wonder about the poker God’s ehh?

But this is so unbelievable wrong. A player that are all in and called can NOT get his hand killed, the dealer should instantly turn his card open even though player turn them face down. That is basic rules in tournament poker. Pot is given to Finland and Italy is knocked out, when in fact he would have doubled up and be good and well in the tour again.

1: Why was the hand not flipped face up by dealer?
2: Why is the hand declared dead by floor man?
3: Why if hand is dead, is there being dealt a river?

Anyone care to enlighten me?

Well.. not demand, but i think the pictures is sweet :)

Poker in Malta has really developed last 2 years, the dealers and floors we getting over here for international events are normally very good, and I can’t enough say how much I as a player enjoy playing under floors like, Rodolfo Zirio, Nicola Mazza, and Luca Vivaldi. Of course you all know my favorite is Christine Sammut, now working the floors of Portomaso Casino, but it’s getting a bit odd me giving her soo much credit all the time, her boyfriend, is starting to look evil on me, so lets leave her out :)

Anyway, I wanted a clarification on this from Casino Venezia as I can’t see how I ever can recommend anyone going there if this is the kind of unprofessional rulings one risk to face, but they have not answered me or to my knowledge done anything to compensate the Italian player. It is not the players job to know all the rules and be alert 100% of the time, this is why we have floors and dealers. So I guess, to sum it up, look very careful on what floor is in charge of the tournaments you decide to play, I for one would never again play under 1or 2 floors I have met during my years, I rather sit in the bar drinking espresso and zipping Sambuca!

-who am I kidding everyone knows am not ever zipping Sambucas, it has to go down in one fast movement!

Hep hep

Ps: and i been waiting long time now to use this sweet photo of the angry kid, so thx in a weird way!

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