Thursday, June 23

Walter Treccarichi wins PPT Malta 2011... with Spades :)

We just finished off yet another great big Italian influenced tourney here in Malta, Peoples Poker Tour. I was told, instructed, urged, yelled, ordered, and so on and on, by ALL my Italian friends that this is one NOT to miss, most of the players have qualified for a very small amount online and is to be considered low standard. Well.. in all fairness I saw a lot of the players I respect and played with before here so not so sure of this, but yes ofc saw many players that also seemed to be needing a tiny bit more strategic talks :) ( I try to avoid the D word as you all know that sometimes we all are donks ..myself included )

I did not play this tour, I found the buy in of 1650 Euro too high for a little fish like me and also why play when you already know who is going to win!! Seemed like a stupid idea all together to challenge faith like that so I skipped this one.

Yea yea, sometimes one just know,  and I knew it already during GOLDBET's Poker Live Adventure, weekend prior, and I told him…. then during the satellite play day before PPT I got even more sure.  If there would been some live betting on this I would with NO hesitation bet money on it. And I was right, and am very sure me rubbing my spade tattoo so it’s almost faded helped him a lot, in fact I think it be impossible without it :)… at one point I rubbed too much and his opponent almost got a spade flush against him but luckily I realized my mistake and stopped in time. It was a bit confusing as I played the sideevent and only could rail his allin’s via the Italian speaker, so I misunderstood the hand, sorry for the scary moment there Wally, won’t happen again. 

Am so very happy that Walter Treccarichi won PPT Malta 2011, not only is he a very good player, I like his play style a lot, we been on several tables together. But also, he is such a nice sweet person, always smile and behave excellent at the table as well as of it. Also, he always respects my 3-4 bets, for that alone he is well worth taking any tour down, as in all fairness my 3-4 bet can mean anything at all haha! I always called him my mascot, but am not sure I can use him for that anymore as he clearly deserve a far better nickname. Wally the champ!

They tell me it’s A6 of clubs he won with, but I really can only see spades, I guess they did some kind of mistake, but that’s ok, as long as we know how it really was!*

Lots love and happiness to you all out there, and to all my friends playing the IPT Campione, i wish you best of luck, i be following the forums for updates! Especially extra good wishes to Eros Nastasi who i really hope make a back to back !


*photo from Walters Facebook, edit by me. If anyone are in doubt of the joke, he did win with A6 of clubs :)


mr4b said...

GG mate! that was a good one to win ;o) (with spades ;) )

A & TT Goes live: said...

I know!! Am so extra happy it was with Spades :)