Saturday, June 11

Poker Live Adventure - SAMBUCA time!

Alright people, time to wake up and have some fun

Day 2 of GOLDBET's Poker Live Adventure here in Malta is kicking of in a few hrs and hep hep .. wait for it.. wait for it… yes am in, and of the 150 playing day2 am 6 th in chips, so now its just to keep on building stack.
127,900 chips, Average 58.000. Starting on blinds 1000/2000. Good luck me :)!

Been a very well organized event so far and I really like playing in the old space at the Casino, I think they created a very good extra space there for these ‘smaller’ tours. Well done Portomaso!

The adorable little kitty cats that walk around in an outfit that reminds me of catwoman in collaboration with superman is an added value and every time I pass them I just wanna give their cute little bumps a catchy slap, but I control myself as the mature woman I am and just smile.

And oh yes BTW, am THE WOMAN.. google translate is funny, The Italians blogs calls me an equality to ‘madam’ and Google translate that to THE WOMAN, not even A WOMAN but yes, THE WOMAN, so just so you know, am the one, THE WOMAN!

Its almost became an addiction, having the espresso sipping flat handbags drama queens here, its so refreshing and gives me a big boost. When they go home its quiet , dull, dark, and depressing, no drama, not so much shouting, (ahh well we still got Giovanni for our daily dose of that)  not so much smiling and definitely no flirting, I mean after all I am THE WOMAN I need a certain amount of attention to be happy.

I seriously need to learn Italian, even though some of the charm actually is they just speak and speak smiles and hug and kiss you for no reason what so ever and you don’t understand anything, its very relaxing, I don’t have to do anything then smile, wave my hands once in a while, sometime shake my head or put it slightly tipped and am all in the conversation.  But hey hoe, perhaps time to man up and learn some espresso language.

My beautiful, gorgeous Princess Ina played the side event yesterday and placed in top 5, they made a deal that was in benefit for her so am super glad and proud of her! Well done, and I enjoyed every second railing you, screaming for you and  your 1010 against KK and QQ with a big beautiful 10 on the flop was almost as good as some action in the bedroom. Well not Italian bedroom action that is, no words can describe that I been told. And I can really believe it, they have a certain way of stirring you down with those dark eyes so sorry rest of the mankind, you gotta man up. An Italian is da shit , I heard. Am still to explore that, and am waiting less and less patiently dear God, I really really think its time soon.

Also hands in the air for my friend Jacques Balzan Demajo who is Chipleader with 179 0000, we had a good afterski in the bar Thursday night/ morning and a simple drink turned into many but its worth it when its Black Label, it really is some good stuff that one! Get in :)!

Buckle up folks, we are on the go!
Good luck me and see you in the bar in each break… SAMBUCA TIME!


Top 10 chips entering day2:
Balzan Demajo Jaques 179500
Severi Stefano 143300
Gioe' Gherardo 139200
Corso Marco 130400
Ponzo Giuseppe 128000
Colley Anna 127900
Carla' Federico 118500
Koops Hendrik 113900
Mifsud Gordon 113800
Bernat Nicolas 108100


mr4B said...

FFS how on earth am I only finding out NOW that you have a blog ???
jeez. added to my RSS reader :p
u'll find mine here :
i promise i'll start writing more in english!
GL for today. In too with 47k. need some of your chips ;)
and, yes, i have a beard :)

A & TT Goes live: said...

haha! And a very nice beard as well :D see you soon! GL GL GL