Wednesday, June 1

IPT Malta May 2011

They were here, again.
Loud voiced, widely waving their hands, wearing flat handbags drinking espresso and 3 betting NEVER folding Italians where back on the rock for another taste of the Poker at Portomaso Casino.
It’s been a very good weekend, many familiar faces and many drinks, :)

Dear God I WILL stop taking sugar in my Espresso starting today, as a bartender kindly advice me it’s not good for me, however he said nothing about the triple vodkas we ordered all the times. But after all he was a bartender, I guess he don’t have the same standard on what’s healthy as most people do. 

I didn’t play IPT just some cash games now and then and had a good time doing just that.

IPT was won by Marco Figuccia, congratulations to him, very well played! My favorite for the win on that final table was Marco Bognanni who I watched play during the days and he made a very strong impression. Also a very nice boy, and come on… what’s really up with these boys!??  I can’t for my life remember boys where this cute when I was 20, WHAT are they feeding them in Italy? They all are super charming and got the cutest dimples ever and the fact they don’t understand anything I say makes them just even more cute. 

As per usual there were some language barriers but how boring would this world be if there were not some misunderstandings, and how could I know that pronouncing Corleone wrong turned into Coglione, and make my sentence: when I come to Sicily you show me around like the godfather Corelone; turn into something completely different. Ah well…. The guy took it well and I really must stop bringing up Don Corelone all the time as this is the second time it went all wrong.  It’s my fault entirely.

No more Godfather.
No more show me Sicily.
I drive around myself.
Thx :)

Bless ya all and lots of love and smiles all around !

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