Monday, June 27

Hot in bed tonight i must admitt!

Sometimes it sucks living alone, like now when i am desperate for someone to put cream on my back because the sun was a tiny bit to harsh on me today,  yea yea i did use sunblock mum, but its freaking hard to get it on your back, really, try and you see. Also sucks living alone when i wake up thirsty middle of night and have to go out to the kitchen MYSELF to get a bottle of water....or take my dog out when am really really really tired, then i could do with a man.

And why is it that the small 200 ml glasbottles of Perrier taste sooo sooo much better then the big ones, or the plastic ones, or ANY other water for that mater?
It really puzzles me.

Or do i like them better because when i snap the cork and drink it i feel like drinking some hex potion from age of time that will make me invisible or have very long hair, because this little bottle is so cute reminding me of some cartoon i must have seen way back and stored in my mind where they boil something over fire and pour into tiny tiny green Perrier ish look alike bottles? Yea could be, i dont know, yea most likely. OMG, ghaaaa... sometimes i even scare myself!!
If i start talking to myself can you ever so kindly let me know ?


Am up late, again , sorry boss,  but it was worth it, I been up railing a dear friend who been heads up for 4 hrs in a live tour that had live feed and tomorrow i will make a really nice blog dedicated only to him! Also followed the play down to FT in IPT Campione where i knew a few ppl going deep, and sadly it couldn't be Catania area who take 3 in a row, Francesco Tropea that been doing so well busted just before FT,  these young boys from Catania: Francesco, Walter, Nicolaj ect, are coming strong!  What are they feeding them over there in Catania, small Perrier bottles with winning  potion????

Luuuve and peace!  


Anyone living close who can come and put cream on my back, MR BEARD man, you not that far off are you .. yea yea nice try AnnaPanna :)
( i said it myself so no you dont have to say it AlexAndy )

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