Wednesday, June 8

Helloo Prostitudes

After some feverish days with pain in my neck from casino air-condition I decided to yea, let’s go to the casino and enjoy some air-condition – again. Why not. 

It was time for Oracles 300 euro buy in tour, with no doubt biggest buy in they ever had there, as it’s the mecca for 10 euro rebuys, it’s our wild wild  west casino here in Malta and I love it, always put a smile on me to see this crazy hands out there, and make me remember poker should be FUN, else don’t do it. Yesterday for an example a man folded his full house because he didn’t know trips where a less good hand, seriously so funny and makes me handle tilt and bad beat very well, it’s my very own therapy center, also don’t to forget the awesome floorman who can stand all these originals, I swear some of them don’t even have teethes … they are so cute!

I got a ticket to this tour in a satellite where we were 10 ppl, unl rebuy 1 hr and it generated a price pool of 650 Euro, :) says it all me think.

Anyway, tour started out crap, all my big hands got cracked, KK, JJ QQ one by one taken down by a massive ACE, because at Oracle it’s a death sin to not play ANY ace so, we do that because Dear God, we do NOT wanna be sinners do we?

In some remarkable way I managed to turn it around and ended up splitting 3 ways.
Afterwards me and Princess Ina, my gorgeous best friend said we don’t really want to end it just here so we entered the big mighty center of Buggiba for a few drinks. It was nice, as always with Ina.
On our way walking to the car, the funniest thing happen, and pls bare in mind both Ina and I are enormously gorgeous classy women,so it really was funny.  We met a group of perhaps 10 chicks in age 16-18, drunk. They pass us and say something that I first thought I heard wrong, but clearly didn’t since Ina heard same thing....... wait for it.. wait for it... ... :

-Helloooo prostitutes….

Haha, WTF?

Ina and I look at each other, keep walking and conversation goes like this
Ina: - they too many, AND they have a black chick with them
Anna: - yea, we have to let this one pass
Ina: - don’t...feels right though
Anna:- I know, next time
Ina: - yea

It was just one of those moments :)..... lots of love to you all.. and Spades!

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