Wednesday, July 27

Worldest biggest Bad beat jackpot!

This is a bad beat you would want to have for sure :) 

Earlier this morning, Wednesday (27th July) at 08:59 GMT , IPN (Boss Media)'s WORLD RECORD Bad Beat Jackpot Hit at €1,265,583.34 with the Bad Beat Jackpot winner receiving €442,954.

This is a NEW WORLD RECORD of $1,831,426, which supersedes the previous World Record of approximately $1.2 Million. On top of this the new Jackpot is now starting at over €250,000 ($360,000); and thus remaining as the largest current Bad Beat Jackpot in online Poker!

The Hand in question was quad Kings beaten by Quad Aces, on a €0.50/€1 No Limit Table. The other players (7 players) in the hand all received €31,639.57 each for participating in the hand
Board came:  A9K, K, A

They where all in pre flop AND even worse bad beat, one person at the table where sit out and gets nothing! My god! I guess he will regret that toilet visit for some time :) .. always keep a bucket at hand!

Congratulations to my friend KA that was on the table and got some pocket money and change for coming weekend!  Looking forward to the drinks: :)

hep hep

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