Monday, June 6

Dearest, gorgeous sweetest ‘lil sis’ Emma

This blog entry are dedicated to my dearest, gorgeous sweetest ‘lil sis’ Emma!
There are no words to describe how much I right now would want to be by her side in Sweden Casino Cosmopol, where she is about to sit down and  play final 2 table of the Swedish championship of Texas Holdem 2011. 

I should be there; I owe it to her, and me, TO US! :)

For an example, not only would my life be so enormously less good without meeting Emma several years back in  a casino in Tallin but also,  I most certainly would not won Malta madness tour in September last year, neither would I have had so much fun doing it. When 6 left she pull me aside and asked me what am I doing,  -I don’t know I said, i feel i am getting run over from right and left! She was at this point slightly tipsy and I was sober, so she decided we need another gear.

Said and done, and no point protesting if Emma made her mind up, she keep coming with Rom and coke in a very even flow, and friends that looked at the live stream texted me asking why I was drinking ice tea, as I don’t really do that, I explained its Rom and coke, but just very little coke! After a few of those strong ones I found my aggressive game back on and manage to win in the end, and again, sorry Luca, you where indeed the best player. 

Anyway back to Emma, or my Memmis as I call her, endless are the poker times we had on the Maltese casinos and she is in several of my blog posts. I really do miss you so so much Memmis! 

But now you’re in Sweden and am so sure that you go really deep in this tour unless getting into a set up, because you play super steady, good poker, and your very patient. I cant wait to sit down and hear all about your keyhands and discuss them. 

And with no doubt you are the most prettiest of them all sitting down, no one can ever beat you on that! Below from EPT Cph, Ladies event, Emma worked for Bet24 then, now she works at Ongame.

They starting 14.00 and here are the chipcounts:
1 Jesper Höög 274500
2 Karl Rudwall 267500
3 Christopher Norgren 249000
4 Andreas Hultén 235500
5 Peter Kvisthammar 227000
6 Felix Wictorin 186000
7 Emma Wikberg 182000
8 Emil Westman 176500
9 Johan Berg 172000
10 Louis Nyberg 149500
11 Ahmed Riyad 127000
12 Mehrdad Sayehban 117500
13 Daniel Nordström 97500
14 Pontus Khosravi 86500
15 Sventa Holmgren 75000
16 Leith Abdelamir 54500
17 Sven Åke Willix 43000

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