Friday, May 27

Its so hard to communicate sober

-its really so so hard to communicate sober.

Late last night i got an text... and this is how it played out lol. I was more or less clueless but i guess he wanted to have a drink, that much i did understand :)

Italian: Hi Bella, you drink?
Me: Hey there champ, yea sure do drink now and then but are you here now?
Me Cool,  :) Playing IPT?
Italian: it’s possible to telephone
Italian: go for drink now
Me: woot? you played today? Survived to Saturday with good stack?
Italian: out of casino
Me: hmm okay.. you out? Sorry :(. Am not playing, but I pass by in weekend and find you to say hi.
Italian:20 min?
Me: am afraid you lost me mate, what you want?
Italian: Saturday I pass, ok.
Me: okay, you survived to day 2, Saturday?
Italian: now no possible
Me: so you did NOT pass to day2?
Italian: pass now, 20 min?
Me: haha no not today, am in bed already :)
Italian: good. taxi, you live sliema. Me go.
Me: no no .. am in bed.
Italian: yes. Taxi sliema.
Italian: I pass Saturday. San Remo me place xxxx no possible see hotel?
Me: ahh you came xxxx in San Remo? Great, am super happy for you, well played!
(took the place out as else its easy to figure out who this is )
Italian: you play ?
Me: no I pass this one.
Italian: no pass, play. Now 20 min ?
Italian: go for drink. Now.
Me: haha no no  :) I come watch you play Saturday.
Italian: no not possible. Now! come!
Italian: me go taxi ?
Me: NO. Am in bed I find you Saturday and rail for good luck karma.
Italian: yes me play Saturday si si . I se now only 30 min? I go taxi.. sliema.
Me: no no.. pls . Saturday.
Italian: not possible. Goodbye.
Me: okey :) bye bye! Good luck in the tournament.

after 30 min.....

Italian: now? I go slima?
Me: hahah nooo you said goodbye, remember?
Italian: no remember
Me: go to bed! :) night night.


Ah well.. this one was not my Italian, please Dear god am still waiting, slightly less patiently.
Fingers crossed he is in this Batch coming over :)

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