Sunday, June 8

An unexpected girls party!

I should write about Finland, but i can do that another time :-)

Got home, my little Tess was delivered to me at airport and we catched a train home, i missed her and wanted to hold her and touch her all the time, but she was super super stressed and the trains air condition was broken and again overcrowded with people so a horrible ride for her. But we got home and i toke her for a long nice walk with swimming and we sat down relaxing a while as well, sharing a bottle of water and a croissant :-)she said she had a great time with best mate, and am glad for that.

On my way home with train my phone where plinging like crazy, apparently peoples text didn't get trough last 24 hrs in Finland, and since i always replay instantly they all wondered if all was ok :-) and one text was from a mate here in town, he said he put me on VIP list, just say my name in the door, Anna + 1 he added on list, to a place that are having its grand opening Saturday evening with invited people only. Well i don't really have +1 to go with, Jessica is away and am also too tired.

But little did i know how things would develop :-)

Saturday after being on a long walk, we when getting back to our place met a whole group of girls playing ”kubb” in our garden, its a garden for anyone living in the house. ”Kubb ” is involving a lot of sticks and throwing, perfect for Tess- she thought so she got involved straight chasing the sticks! I had to go there and get her and say sorry, the girls, it was 12 of them ! where in the ages from 20 to 30 i guess, just laughed, they had a girls night and drinking and barbecuing. They asked me and Tess to stay a while so we did, it was great fun, very nice girls, and i haven't seen not anyone them before lol, the one they where visiting is newly moved to the house, sad since am moving, because she really was a happy, crazy girl, just my taste!

So they where heading out on town and somehow they convinced me to go and get showered and get dressed to join. Good i been on master long walk with Tess, she will just sleep. So i asked them if they wanted to go to the opening of this place i got my name on the list, they said they definitive wanted to but how, its not open for everyone that evening. I rang my friend and he made it Anna + 12 lol, he of course didn't protested when i said its only chicks! All singles!

Sooo... quick shower, dressed and a few more drinks in garden and off we went.
And it was a hilarious evening, its so nice to go out in a big group like that, its feels so much better, one never feel lonely if one of them are off dancing or such, well you know me i ended up in the bar and after just 1 hr i was BEHIND the bar, lol,. Yea yea it was fun, they needed help and i am awesome in doing strong drinks and make wacko mixes so i helped out an hrs or so and it was fun!

We danced like maniacs and had a great great evening! Fantastic great group of girls, and sadly am now moving when meeting them. But they said- cooooooooool we come over to Copenhagen and turn a place upside down, just pick out a good club and we go crazy! Haha.. and i don't doubt, they where just my kind of girls, even though i more often have most fun with groups of lads, these chicks where great, and all except one where single, so much easier then! Little weird they where single, they where all so good looking but as they say when i asked: - come on its summer! the other thing we can do when it get cold and dark! hahahaha so absolute refreshing to hear that from girls!!

I cant wait to have them over to my little place in Copenhagen and have a crazy night out! Am meeting a few of them for coffee in the week before i leave or to see the Sweden game together down at on of the outdoor places showing it, but thats a bit tricky, i really WATCH football, and follow the games and they might find me boring, but hey hoe, i hope they enjoy fottie!

Now its back to my packing and sorting, I had hoped to get the kitchen all cleaned today but might end up doing something else since its really not a fun job! Got a text while putting this up the boys are at the pub watching the game... hmmmmmmm.. cleaning the kitchen all by sudden don't sound so attractive! They sit outdoor in the back garden watching on a big screen so Tess and come along, so I think I pop down.

Laters good people!

A & T

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