Tuesday, June 24

-i bought him a new banana!

hahahahha.. am still smiling!

Well, Tess and i decided we need to give the man his banana back, well not the same, that one is gone long time ago but a new, so we bought a big nice yellow banana :-)

On our way, late today since i had other stuff to do, but i know the man close 21:00 so we where at his shop just before then ... lol ... he sits outside on his chair, and i stop and say: here , sorry we scared you other day, see, its a new banana!

He jumps up, say something in a language i dont understand but i get some words: crazy, woman, nono, and something sounding like Hexa, lol (witch) but not sure.

WEll i told him its a very nice banana, and Tess was sitting there with her very best behaviour on, but he took his chair and closed the door, mubling crazy people and not very happy. WTF- i bought him a new, what more can one do?

Well we tried!!

So we continue our walk and shared the banana :-)it was a good one!

it was quite funny, i seen this man everyday passing there and i will make it my mission for him to like us, i will NOT give up! i will make him smile, promise!

hep hep

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