Wednesday, June 11

Floor picknic and Teddie theft!!

FFS.... enough soon :-(

My whole body are aching, there isn't one muscle that isn't paining from all this lifting, packing, stuffing aways things to the seller, running up and down. I walk like am 90! A person with arthritis shouldn't do this i think. Need a drugdealer on sped dail! After this move is over, its feet´s up and just relax, and go and get some proper massage, don't care what it cost, i need it to be human again.

Yea sure i could have rented a cleaning firm for the cleaning, but its not easy when one need to live her to last day and the girl moving in here will come day after! But worst part are done, now its basically just the floors, and the walls and lists in the hall, and packing all my cloths.

AND on our last night here, Tess and i have to sleep on the floor, lololol, wacko caco... because i need to throw my bed out and cant do that same day am moving, cos i need help moving it, its a 160 bed, and none to help me that day. But we snooze up on a madras and tons of pillows, it will be like a little picknic :-) we will buy take away food and open a bottle of champagne, after all one need to say proper goodbyes to things. Now its new chapter and new life ahead.

Last time I moved (from one apartment to another in this house lol, yea I know, very BRAVE ehh) I actually when the apartment we left was clean and ready to close the door on, middle of the night, I lighted candles everywhere, put the duvet on the floor, put on a” mickey mouse “nighty (maybe not lol, maybe quite not mickey mouse ) then I rang my husband (now ex husband thank god) and said I needed help with something I made up, so he came from the apartment above and we had a little picknic:-) ahh well that was when we where happy and I still bothered to do fun stuff, like putting notes in his sandwiches saying funny things or notes in the cornflakes packet giving him clues on some riddle where first prize was some crazy thing :-)

Today am just an old and very boring person :-)very boring to be around i swear.

Today i went to a photo store and got some help fixing old photos, not digital, so i can save them better, and also needed some printed copies in black and white. I ordered some frames with black passpartou´s and it looks really nice, i sorted it all earlier, its for my ”doggie wall” and will make my home be mine, its my darlings, Tess and Scilla. Lukas and Tessie as i had before i unfortunately don't have any great photos on but this two wacocaco ones i got loads on. I think it will be really good pictures, i mean am not a brilliant photographer but my dogs are sweet, so that helps.

Okedoki, back to work, or maybe just shower and bed, to snooozeeee with Tess, she has been so funny last days, not stressed anymore over this packing. But I tried to throw away some of her stuff today but it wasn't successful, when I came back up from seller she proudly had emptied the trash and taken them back! Bhaaaa.. so I guess all 12 Teddies are moving to Copenhagen with us, ridiculous really – she don't use them all!

IN need of massage! And a bike :-( I had a really good bike, almost new, ex borrowed it and now he wont leave it back, lol, silly, A BIKE hahahaha,, keep it! Christ, refuse to fight over a bike, lol.

Night night sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite!
Bridge travel tomorrow, PACKING down the office there, moving to new one on Monday, Christ, not enough with all the packing here, have to do it there too...but not anything to carry, we have a company doing that. Thanks!

Hep hep

A& T

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