Sunday, June 22

Stolen banana and a fountain hippie dog!

Hola everyone!

My first weekend in this mickey mouse country is now to an end and what can I say, felt sad and miserable on Saturday evening all alone so I went to the cinema, just some minutes walk from here and saw Sex and the City- the movie, and it was actually good, especially if you seen most of the episodes on TV. Go and see it, its both tears and laughter, but it didn't make me feel any less lonesome so back home I walked Tess and take a little sleeping tablet to get me trough the night.

Sunday I woke up well rested and decided to be a bit sporty and house wifey :-)

So first, breakfast in bed with Tess, well its just something we do our way :-) you wouldn't understand the charm with it. lol

Then after walking her a smaller round I pop off to the swimming house, swim intense for 40 min and then relaxed a bit in the sauna. I live very close to swimming hall so its actually great even if the hall its self isn't very impressive. But hey hoe. NO complaints!

Downloaded some nice music to my new phone, I used limewire, recommended by Neil darling, and its quick and cool, thx! found some great danish music, recommended by Amte in Norway, odd yea, but as you know i got a thing for danish language, mohhaaaaaaaaa!

So I wanted to walk Tess like 2 hrs. or so realised I needed to shop before stores close since I planned one of my awesome lasagne and nice salads. So rush out and find a place, picked a big wagon full, and looked forward so much to cook! I mean , I used to cook every every evening after work when I lived with Mo, but after we split I haven't found the spirit for it, and that's a pity, I LOVE cooking and am actually good at it. So well at the cashier, they don't accept VISA or Master Card, they ONLY accept Dan card, well that's fecking stupid and I do tell them, I told them they should have a sign on the door then, saying only Danes can shop here, well it was groceries for 600 and I didn't have that in cash, I rarely keep cash, since card works everywhere these days, so I said keep it, and trust me I will NEVER shop here again, said fuck off and good day and left. Well I couldn't be bothered to be nice, but yea,, I will get a Dan card then even though its fecking silly, I been travelling so much last year and never experienced this! So bought a caffe latte to cool of and went home to take Tess for a walk. But first I shipped some mails to the gyms close here asking what they can offer, I need some help getting started, am no good with machines and so and I ended the mail very catchy lol with: if this is one of those gyms that only focus on skinny blondes bimbos with big boops, then don't bother to replay, am huge overweight and very ugly but want to get started in a gym and need some instruction and a personal trainer, so if you can provide that fine, else, don't replay. Cheers. (lol) well I guess they ended in the stream of my irritation of not being able to use my cards, bhaaaaaaaaaaa. Lets see what they replay.

Tess and I headed for our normal route, quick visit in “our” home park and then Frederiksbergs Have and then Sondermarken.

Its a good walk, I walk quick to sondermarken, to work up the pulse and there I let her run free and play with dogs, talk and relax a bit and then walk powerful home again. At sondermarken we met Alfa, he is a grand danois dog and soooooo coool, and Tess likes to play with him and its really funny, she runs under his tummy, lol, and when she run quick he just runs galloping like a horse behind, he is 10 months and HUGE.. and he sleeps in bed, accordingly to his Husse :-) Alfa and Tess played so nice and after leaving him we passed the big fountain in the park, well Tess was all whined up and took like 4 laps round round round the fountain, people where laughing, I couldn't stop her! And then,,, yea of course she decided to run inside the fountain!! Am pretty sure this is not allowed, but she jumped in and took another few rounds INSIDE the fountain, FFS! And people where shouting and screaming, cheering for her, and it whined her up even more :-) and she refused to come out!! FFS... yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I had to take shoes of, pull my trousers up and jump in and GET her, so am pretty sure that the sondermarken people know me and Tess now, the crazy Swedish woman with an even crazier dog! Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! There was even a park guard but he just laughed, I mean Tess was so happy, how can one be angry at that sweet little crazy chick!

Yea we took our round there and met some of the people we met all week and then headed home, its pouring rain but that's OK I love rain. And walking home passing the Sejk beer place, my fan club was not there due to rain, (its 4 guys a bit older and they think I don't hear cos I have music in my ears, lol, but I hear them, they always say that Tess`s bump and tail swing the same way as my bump lol, well cant be annoyed at them, they always smile so sweet) One day I will let them know I hear them :-)

And Mr kioskparadiseownerpakistanian that we pass every day, has now stooped sitting outside his shop. lol. Well cant blame him, he probably shit his pants the other day, he was sitting there looking the other way and we came around the corner, walking quick, and he was eating a banana and Tess really got a thing for bananas so she just, without stop walking jump up and,in the air and stole a part of the banana he was holding, and he scream loud, lol, scared the shit out of him, well I apologise and all but he wasn't really interesting in talking to us, lol, he just kept on screaming and Tess was eating her banana wawing her tale while I tried to apologise, she seemed to think lot of fuzz for a banana, :-) waco caco dog. i had hard time holding myself serious. And it was funny it all went so quick, so before I realise what she did we already walked like 30 m and I had to turn back. It was a restaurant on the other side and they all laughed.

Back here its time to sort some food and I actually manage to do a nice meal of absolutely nothing, so some pasta with fried different kind of mushrooms, garlic and cremecheese thingy and some fresh herbs on top... and a glas of red. It tasted great, sprinkled with lemon and some timjan. Seriously it was good. I still got it.

Well soon of to bed, among all the laundry that are hanging here to dry! Bhhaaaaa.. apparently the coins for the drier isn't the same as for the washer machine and I dint know so couldn't dry my laundry in the drier but had to hang it here.

Be good and get lucky!

Kram kram
the cool chicks in the yellow house behind the blue door!

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