Tuesday, June 24

Molley the Monster destroied our Footie!

Molly the Monster!!! Bhaaaa..

bought a fotball for us today when getting of the Metro. Home, changed to “throwingmyselfeverywhereandgetdirtycloths” and off to “our” mini park to show the gang how goooooooooood we are at footie. :-) Only thing missing is pouring rain, we love footie in rain, thats gooodie good!

Tess missed her footie! We dribbled and bounced all the way to the park and she was jumping up and down like crazy happy! And Woow we had fun in park, we are GREAT dribblers and kicking back to each other, our gang where impressed :-)!

But then....... Molly the monster came, Molly is a boxer and more then little weird id`say and she is just 7 months old and got sharp theets still and yeaaaa she massacrer our footie. Bhaaaaaaa....Molly, if she gets hold of anyhting, NEVER let go until its for sure quite dead!

Well we had fun .. 20 minutes, before the air left the footie, lol!

OK, we took our long walk later. Power walk down to Sondermarken and loooooong walk it turned out, over 2 hrs and I was totally sweaty and with best grinding cap on (you know guys, the one I CAN NOT wash, never ever will I wash it, maybe a bit disgusting yea.. but who cares)

On our way home we pass our little park and see lots of dog mates so we stop for a little while, motley because this Norwegian girl was there and I missed talking to her she is adorable sweet and her dog “Darwin” is cool.

But guy`s, really! Get a dog if being single, wanting to met girls, Jesus, its such a magnet!

Hep hep
A & T

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