Wednesday, June 18

Elephants, Mr Sexy Eight and Frisbee theft!

Hi all!
Well i decided not to write any more blogg until its a positive one, you know some annapanna weird everyday life atmosphere. Because who wants to read about low mode, naeeee high mode, give me five man!

Anyway, things has improved, am a bit more settled in here in ”yellow casa with blue dooor” sure miss a few things that i thought would somehow be a reality but who cares, things can be sorted little by little, am not fuzzy. And if they are not sorted life goes on , no problem!

I thought a little about if i maybe choose and changed my life a bit too much thinking of Tess, after all she is just a dog, well someone asked me this and it stroked me that i didn't even thought about it not once : if i priority her needs more then mine, because after all what chooses does she got? She just has to lay her 12 million teddies wherever I lay my hat!

So the answer dear Danny boy is no. I don't, i am proud and happy to have this special dog and she is really really happy now, she never been this relaxed, eating this well and enjoyed her days, and it will get even better when she will tag along to office, its just a bit messy so I await that for the moment, we are fixing and getting in order a bit and after that she can tag along now and then :-) it will be sweet, and my room will be nice for her, and scared little Brian can avoid her :-)

What did make me change the mind then, to all that negative whining to some positive thinking?

Well, most of all I was worn-out, totally exhausted and it go to me, and pain like a maniac. But I slept and took it easy and am back on track, still got shit big pain but I can handle it, I learned to live with it, I just need to be better respect it and accepting it.

So, let me tell you some lines about my day :-)

Took Tess out in the morning to the little park just her, take me 2 min to walk there, and its was a nice fun start of the day, we met two dogs, ”Millie” and ”Robbie” and its funny, like Tess is the New girl in town, lol, come on check her out, And Tess is enjoying the attention, shes new queen in town, lol.

Let me tell you a bit about the dogs we met every day in park:
there is little ”Darwin” a white westie with a very sweet owner, a girl from Norway, and her parents had springer spaniel and as always none believes Tess is a springer but a Munster. Bhaa!

Then we got, ”line” A German Shepard own by a bald headed man that had a Danish accent I cant for my life understand so i just smiled every time he said anything.

”Molly” a fat little English bulldog that drewled and spitted lot of excitement over the new girl in town!

Ok then we have ”Lolita” LOLOLOLOLOL and here i really understand that dogs actually turns into be just as their owners, ”lolitas ” husse is so gay that there isn't word for it. And ”lolita” is the same, in a weird way, cant explain, but she where like looking down on all of us. Well now I get why Tess is as she is, crazy but very cuddly :-) Just as me. Very cuddly :)

And then we have this very sweet girl with a beige Westie, and this dog was cool, she stole a shoe from a kid in the park and refused to leave it back, long story but it was funny and dogs name is ” Mrs Jensen”

All by a sudden from nowhere it glides in a Dalmatian, 12 yrs old "allan", his daddy are English and very strict and "Allan" are like standing still in the middle, knowing he is very pretty and tallest, looked so funny, and people who don't have dogs they don't understand this at all , I know. Its OK. Its my blogg

Tess and i left after a while, on our way to “sondermarken” so we walked and walked, saw some Elephants on our way (true!!) met some nice Gordon setters and scared the shit out of a man taking a piss behind a tree lololol. Also true.

We got to “sondermarken” and finally i can walk and walk and she can be lose, very nice!

We met loads of funny dogs, lots of crossed breed, and then suddenly he comes...... I see him far away, he and his mate, two springer spaniel or one welsh and one English, and Tess sees them too! And its funny with this springers, they play so so so good with dogs of their own breed, weird, but they played so well, jumping and chasing and cuddling and giving hugs, wish I had my camera with me!! It was so sweet to see, and it was a very nice male springer, his name was ”eight” in Italian cos he had an 8 on his back, he was the most muscled springer i ever seen and reminded me a bit about Lucas, my first springer. They played so well and me and the owner walked along walk. But when Tess get tired, then its no use, she get bitchy :-) so after a good hr or so meeting all sort of dogs witch the owner of ”Mr eight” know all the names, breeds, and gossips around we headed back home.

Saw some more elephants, (true) saw some Qiong practise people that surely didn't appreciate Tess running in between them and me whispering trying to call her back, and she also stole a Frisbee from two lads playing and refused to give it back, well eventually there came a bird flying doing a shadow so she had to chase that one.

Home she eat and went to sleep- straight! Exhausted!

So i took a 3 min walk to the swimming house, swimmed, and took a long steamy sauna bath and headed home to relax in sofa!

Well had to finish the wine bottle I open yesterday, of course, so I think I sleep nice soon, Tess is tired and want us to go to bed, she has done all she can from putting her head on my arm to drag a big pillow with her in to sofa to give to me, I think it means night night from us in yellow house with blue door! played a few hands with some mates and joked around on the skypie hingy :-) my poker lads are funny!

from us!

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