Wednesday, June 11

Fotboll, cleaning and snooooozing!

Went with some girlfriends to the pub watching Sweden beat Grecce. Sweden didn't play well in my eyes but won so hey hoe ...... and result went 0-2 as i said all along. Am best.

Back home and been fixing and cleaning, jeeeeesus, its all Tess fault, that dog really has put her hair, dust and shaked herself everywhere, walls, lists, bhaaaaaa. Am been on my knees scrubbing. However she find it very interesting and is there with her nose helping. Then she got bored and throw all her basket with toys out and messed them around. We really need to throw some of them, since i buy new ones every time i travel :-), she cant bring all to Copenhagen and i have told her, but she act like that will not really happen. Ah well, lets see about that. The one i bought in Finland is very sweet, its a golden pup but she still likes the fanta bottle more, weird dog. She been a bit quiet a few days, its her normal way of punish me when i travel, but now she is her old funny way again, curious, helping out with everything :-)

Shower and in bed, Tess on my arm and scanned the channels and whuuuuu.... an old classic that i just love! Forrest Gump. I think its one of the best movies ever made, its so simple and deep in same breath and it really make me smile at same time as its a bit sad. But its a great move, a big movie! So Tess and i watched it for the 20 th time maybe and now we are on our way into sleepy land.

Be good boys and girls!


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