Friday, May 29

A Bit of this and that

Long time.. sorry i been drained of energy !

Now its close....

Been some crazy weeks and my move drag out looooooooooong, and i been homeless since monday, stayed 3 days at inter continental and took som chilled day by poolside and are now done the base tan and discovered, passion mojitos, omg,, how nice!

Tonight am sleeping first night in new casa. Whoooooo... still not ready but ready enough for me, i want my home! I see if i got energy to upload some pics later on tonight... you seen the mess so you need to see the result too housewarming combined with delayed birthday bash is coming up so get your party mood on, still havent decided on the theme, suggestions accepted glady!

Watched CL final with some Maltese friends on the roof of Slimea car park, cosy little place and it was perfect, not a red shirt on sight and Barca RUN THEM OVER, i think thats how Junior so humble put it.. moooooaaaaa! After that we moved on to PV and i think we shouldnt order the last 30 shoots but, LIVE life without regrets so cheers!

Am a bit puzzled though.... if i am at a place with 500 people and there are one coloured, read african, man in the crowd, i can swear one million dollares he go for me. WHY? And wendsday i got soo irritated on one of them that wouldnt give up, my friends had to go in betweeen even! So i asked him right out.. he said its god gifts to me to give me huge as!! ...... ehhh.... what a stupid answer! I know how it was in africa, there its like that and it was hard to go out alone to buy bread even. But WTF when they got out of that part of the world into some more developed places, .... drop it ffs!

Poker i havent played for a 100 yrs it feels like!
But did take a few buy in on Dragonara cash game yesterday , did a sweet suck out with my pocket AA, he floped a K high straight and i rivered him for A high straigth he wasnt happy but what can i do.

"heqq memx taghmel" as we say here in Malta, am trying to learn this langugae, its not easy even though i do most language quite easy, they got so many letters that not even make a sound, so why put em there?

I can also say: fu** you mum full of sp*** and then fu** a goat. Not sure when i can use it but hey hoe... my 'private' teacher said i need to know it, soooo ...what do i know . Also the lessons take mostly place after 02 and after a conciderble amount of alkohol so i cant be sure am tought right though, but i like to gamble!

Tonight Tess is coming back to mummy.. and i miss her so so much, silly yes, but who cares, its my life and i miss my dog!

Cant wait to get my desk and pc set up runing again and get back to work, lot of exciting things going on, got some good news today about a project that been in the pipeline for long so now its decided Boss Media take it on and i do it for them, will be interesting and hopefully can be to good value for all skins on the network to create more gamiing!

Hola chickas and banditas....

/Anna panna

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