Tuesday, May 12

-incredible, spring-fed porcelain fountain! huh???

Ah well.

Somethings just puzzles me alot. Sorry.

I recentley read in a book why dogs like to drink from the toilet, well mine dont, she prefer me pouring her drip by drip from a bottle, bhaaa, not time wasting at all right. *rooling my eyes*

But however she wants to watch the water, so sometimes she sits there waiting for me to just flush to keep her happy, this is our evening routine i brush my teeths and flush few times to entertain her. She STIRRS down the water like a rabies drewling maniac, so if ever they make movies about what people/dogs/creatures/bandits ect have seen in life, (actually think this can be a big seller idea, i have given it some thought) like if they have a chip operateted and take out to show on their funural, well, there be loooot of water in hers. Tess for sure are Maltas bathing babe numero ono, rushing into the sea every possible chans given and gracing me aswell as others with a shake of it, of course

But the explenation they had to this toilet thinghy made all just perfect sense, and i never really thought about it, fair enough. I cant think about everything my mind is overloaded already as it is with nonsense stuff and details.

BUT how come some people gave it a serious though and also publish a book about it?
That amazes me little.. not much but hmm..yea a little.
Maybe some smart ass out there now say - well you READ the book!
Yea go figures! There are so many wise people right?

Shut up!

''' Dog's consider toilet an incredible, spring-fed porcelain fountain. From a dog's point of view, toilet water is better because its fresher, cooler and hasent been standing around in a little bowl for houers. Its magically changed, refreshed, renewed with every push of the handle. The water stays cooler longer becasue of the porcelain container, and because of the larger surface area of a toilet bowl leads to greater evaporation. And toilets are made of material that doesent alter the taste of the water the way metal or plastic can '''

I wonder if anyone ever send toilet manufactures a thanks you note on behaf of their dogs, as clearly this must be like made for a dog! And wonder if they thought about the 'dont alter taste' bit when constructing em?

I once send a complain mail to a toiletpaper manufacture in Italy, ( Blog -where are the hidden cameras, december 2008) as their emballage was so crap and 54 roles was on my floor and i chase them along with Tess and also being on krytches it was quite annoying...but maybe i should send thank you emails instead to all these amazing tools and grande solutions all over the world instead of complaining.

Need to think about that a bit more.

It also puzzles me why i wake up in my guestroom all the time?
Even when am going to bed perfectley sober, cos going to bed drunk there is a deeper meaning to it as guestroom has a bathroom. But latley i been waking up there and other day i even had brought my duve and 2 pillows with me and i have honestley and for sure no memory of doing this.

And i woke up thinking this is not right, am i even in my home? Now note dear fellow bandits over the world, i dont have habbit waking up in other peoples home so this feeling chocked me a bit and i lay very still trying to figure out things, then i realise, because Tess kind of uses the guestroom bed to nurse and cuddle and also hide her toys, so i found myself sleeping on 2 chewingbones, one fotball, one tennisball, 3 teddy bears and her ultimate favourite, 2 halfliters waterbottles, dont matter how many toys i give her, empty waterbottles are THE ULTIMATE BEST BEST!

So i woke up by a very frustrating annoying dog who of course just desperatley needed the exact TeddyBear that was stuck under my pillow. The look on her face when i told her to BUGG off, for sure gave a new meaning to:
- noooo comprede si si, veeeeeery blond and pretty si si?!?!

Some times she is for sale, she is so so stubborn.
Wonder who thought her that?

AND why cant she keep her toys in the basket i bought for her? And put em BACK! She empty that one upside down several times every day, how come the best TeddyBear are in the bottom, ALL THE TIME? That also puzzles me!

We started to pack (takes long, Tess NOT helpful she thinks we are playing, me put in box, she take out box)and amazing how much things to pack? I mean, ehhh.. i moved here with 2 suitcases, i dont get this. Who left all this stuff here?

Fcking hell was not ME!


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