Wednesday, May 6

Yearly attack of massive attention

Oh yea.. time again.. yearly day of massive attention :)

Happy happy happy birthday anna panna!

I got congratz emails from 4 pokerforum and 5 pokersites so far. Feels amazing.
I really feel so so important to them.

Meeting at 11.00
Lunch 13:00
(with Tam and little Gambler,so so adorable with lots of hair :) )

Later on..... Drinks :)

Planing housewarming and birthday bash in my new Casa... date to be confrimed... be ready ALL days ALL houers of the day, i work in the speed of lightning you know lol and not much for long notice planing stuff... CARPE DIEM!

knuser & knus


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Mr_Kind said...

Hey Anna, grats. See you soon! Kindy the Mighty.