Wednesday, May 13

It WILL be nice.. sometime, my Casa!

Oi Oi !

Am chocking you with two blog post same day and even one yesterday! Omg.. is she bored or what, noooo, just that packing doing laundry and cleaning is not my favourite thinghy.

Time for new photos from my beloved home to be... i kind of realising moving in next monday (4 days lol )is out of the question. It complicate things a tiny bit as i need to move out from here monday and Tess cant stay with me if i stay with the friend that i had as a back up plan sooo.....

Ah well.. problems are there to solve, challanges i call them no big deal, but the workers said 3 weeks more, but i ignore that, they said that 2 weeks ago too.
My adorable landlady said one week and there be only small things so lets go for that. Sounds better to me!

This is my stairs up to the apartment, its only two flats in the house.

From my hall out to stairs.

This floor they did today. Its my office room, with few steps to the right and then your in the livingroom/kitchen. If you turn left you be in the black and white tiled bathroom. You confused yet mum?

This the best with the whole place :) rooom also has a little balcony of its own and will also have a spare bed.
Office Balcony. Green garden outside.

Yepp here i will sit in evening sun drinking my wine with feet up. I know its no terrace but it be a beautiful old balcony and i will put some pots with pot lol NOOOOO.. :) some pots with sunflower and tomatoes i mean, i dont eat tomatoes but the plants keep mosquitos away and the tomatoes i can give to some old person on the street.

This is guestroom and to right my laundry/iron room, not sure i spend much time in that room to the righthy but am ever so greatful they made it a little place of itself :) then i can close and say night night laundry room see you another time.

These tiles are very sweet,its same pattern in the white aswell, but how one can destroy a whole apperance by putting the zink so low it looks redicolouse and then say: maltese standard you know we not tall people. LOL.

I DONT care about peoples hights or looks for one second, but why not think a bit further is for me juuuust one of those things that PUZZELS me :) AND also.. why not put the zink in line with the tile, then it be few cm higher up and look great in line with the tile. women should be handy men not men, they dont see these things, unless they are gay.

And again its itching my fingers to RENOVATE a house of my own, and i have found it just QUITE impossible to get hand on bhaaa nothing new under the sun, i call it my blue corner house, i take pic next time passsing. Anyway...take a look at this picture, see anything you do different? I do.

I would never chop a tile like that around the window, i put full tile on right and full tile on left side and underneath window i cut a smaller ones all way down to floor. Or even make it so both walls have smaller ones instead. This wall is first you see entering the bathroom, and it hook my head up right away , but then again,, my head are not like others.

This is mainbedroom, and to left is the windows with red doors and to right is first the Maltese Balcony and right right.. is into a smaller walk in wardrobe and inside that one is mainbedrooms bathroom. I know i lost you now mum :) but you will see.. it be nice!

I was quite worried and devestated coming home today from this, i thought they be further, but am ok again, it be so nice am sure so why worry so much, life is hard as it is to create a lot of worrying. One dont have to create one owns problems others do that so perfectley well for ya anyway :)so let em do their thing and just do your thing. LIVE LIFE WITHOUT REGRETS.....!

I sort it, always do ... stay tuned folks!

hep hep

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