Wednesday, May 13

Me Disoriented? ehh? Come on!

Well good folks over the world, listen up now!
They really gotta stop making up all these extra day for being nice, you know like mums day, dads day, my day, your day, his day, arghhh... - OR organize them!!!!

Now i send my mum flowers on two occasion wishing her happy mums day and noone of those ones where the right day.

She is ever so happy though, but it starting to get rediclouse.

I watch the chanel 'Living' cos they have CSI, Criminal Minds, ect. Also 'comedy chanel' due to having 'two and a half men' , hahahahahah, love that one, crack me up all the time!

These one got UK commercial sooooo being pumped with mothers day jayda jayda i jumped up my chair 12:50 on the 21 of March to make an order (they close 13:00) and was so so proud i remembered. 22 of March is mothers day in, yes UK, not Sweden.

Mum rings me in evening saying - thx sweetie but why? Then it already striked me it was wrong day so i said - your my mum, do i need a reason? Kisses & Love!

Great. A clear win win situation.
However later on i told her the truth as one should not lie to ones mum.

But as i live in Malta seeing all the comercial about mums day i got affected once again. To send flowers on the wrong day. Of coruse, nothing else are to be expected! 10 th may is mothers day in yea, Malta, not Sweden, still.

So phone rings again: -Sweetie, are you sure Malta are good for you, it seems you getting disoriented.


And in all fairnress she might be right.

I ship flowers to right and left for no reason, i wake up in my guestrooom for no reason, my nicest happening each day are talking sign language to a 90 yrs old fisherman without theeths. Am moving into a place on monday that are a building construction site whooooo, i got a dog that today almost attacked (in a happy way) a person stealing his waterbottle, it was empty but still! (he was quite hunky so good one Tess, pimp me out yay yay) I put energy on wondering why dogs drink from the toilettchairs and i also wonder alot on how complicated they do things down the water when moving the small boats around. Why?
-does the small boats get bored being tied up same place?

Dont make sense!

So maybe Malta are making me disoriented.
But one should be happy, at least Maltas seems to stoped hating me a bit, i havent got injured for a really reaaally long time now, no broken fingers toes or feets. No black eyes or knifestabbing. No exploding showercabine or dead mouses in the aircondition.

So am indeed greatful for being only disoriented.

Keep it up Malta Darling!

A & T

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